Santa Clarita Investors seek counsel and guidance.

We're very new to this but have met the challenge head on so far. We're looking for advice from seasoned professionals who don't mind guiding us through the first deal. We've done all the legwork, set up a company, posted ads, got the 800 number, Business Cards, and the signs have been ordered. We also purchased the Prop Stream software available through Dean.

We need help in understanding the software and what it all means as the information is overwhelming to a beginner.

If you can, get in touch with us and lets make some money helping people who need it!


Rick & Peggy


Hi everyone, my name is Ramces Daniel, i am new in this business and almost everything appear to be blurry to me. I am trying to build my website through Dean's free website, but I'm still having some difficulties to finish it. And also i am not too good in computer, it take fore ever to do it, if someone out there have any idea how to " publish a website" please help or you can e-mail me at: danieramces@****.

Thank you and GOD bless.

Ramces Daniel

website software

r.e.titan's picture

hi, i saw you post and do not know if this will help. i have purchased some software from ohio distinctive software. they charge very little for their stuff. there is a web building one. they usually only charge $5 to $10. hope this helps. i am located in san diego,

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