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Rick & Peggy
Castaic, California

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Rick works in Construction and Peggy is a full time artist.
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How can we contact you? Your email was incomplete.

Thanks Joe,

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We're looking into a possible foreclosure property coming up pretty quick for a short sale. Balance owed, $1.5m, comps show equal to that and this owner thinks it'll go for $800,000 on the court house steps last week of July.

What form do I have him sign so I can speak directly with his lender myself?


Rick & Peggy

P.S. I forgot to tell you we are newbies in Real Estate Investing with no experience at all.

I think

I think he has to sign the letter to share loan information to a 3rd party. Have him call his bank up and ask them for their form. They will fax it over.

Found it.

Greg Murphy covered this at the EDGE event. It is called a Loan Information Release or a Third Party Release of Information. The bank has the form they like. Make sure you get it Notarized.

How's business?

Hi Rick and Peggy,

Also from the California area, how are you with your FSBO's? You have anything to share. I have read your posts and it seems that people are pouring in their suggestions. The best of luck for '12. Thanks Bobby.

PS. I'm asian and starting on this venture alone. I need your help badly

Welcome aboard

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I was just wondering what happened to you guys?