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If you are interested in connecting with other investors in the Seattle area you are in the right place! Use this tool to network, find out about local real estate meetings or events, find great deals, or team with those in the area.
Questions are always welcome and mentoring is the goal of this group.
Look forward to speaking with all of you interested in the Pacific Northwest!

I live in Eugene, OR & Issaquah, WA

Hi All,

Currently, I am in Eugene more than Issaquah.

I just purchased the Rock Bottom Blueprint and I am really excited about getting started.

Kerrie L. Crompton

Investor-friendly real estate agent

Hi Seattle Investors,

I'm a newly licensed real estate agent since June and experienced real estate investor. I live in Bellevue and range all over: Snohomish, King, Pierce, Thurston, and Grays Harbor counties. My wife and I own six rental houses, a vacation rental at the coast, and we've just started buying mobile homes for flips. We've done landlording, lease options, and owner financing. I'm interested in hooking with investors to make deals happen. Ideas:

1. Bank REOs - I've been touring lots of bank REOs. I notice that the banks list the houses unrealistically at the after-repair value. We'll need to ignore the list prices. If you can show proof-of-funds, there are several houses I can recommend bidding on and I'd love to preview many more for you.

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