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Hi Bob

I have been contacting others on here that are in or around the Seattle area in regards to holding meetings for local DGers. I thought perhaps you might be interested in joining us for the occasional meeting. This is very unofficial as of yet. I just started reaching out to people with this idea to get feedback. I first need to see how much interest there is and how far people are willing to travel for these meetings. I think it would be very cool to form our own rei club and even if we don't have guest speakers and such we can share resources, ideas, wisdom, and even swap war stories for the fun of it, lol. I would really appreciate your feedback and any suggestions in what you think would be beneficial to the group if we shall ever have a meeting. Some of us are doing so as just 2 or 3 people at a time but a true round table of perhaps even dozens is what I am proposing if possible. If not more quaint get-togethers of 5-10 people could be nice too.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Bob, I am a new Investor in the Seattle area. How can I get in contact with you?

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Hi Bob,
I am a new Real Estate Investor and I am building my Buyers List. I was wondering, if you would be interested in buying good investment properties. Can I add your name to my Buyers List.