Short Sale Success

I have had major success at Short Sales, then all the sudden I was told from realtor that Short Sales are to diffucult do to legal ramifactions, I am still unaware of legal problems with Short Sales. I am so proud to be one of Deans students and a hint on Short Sales, instead of putting a earnest deposit down use a promisary note with a subject to addition, you can say something like "if offer is accepted i will put earnest money down of $______________." Banks will accept that.


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As far as I know, it is not illegal to do short sales! If you've had success doing them, then just keep on keeping on! I'm interested in the Central Coast area... I'm just starting Smiling


Central Coast Groups...yes there are 2 now

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Its been a long time since this post was originally made. The first poster and I have since 2009 put together the Central Coast REIA in California. We meet once a month and since our inception, several million dollars worth of transactions have taken place. We have Realtors, Hard money lenders, wholesalers, rehabbers and a wealth management specialists in our group. In September of 2011, we formed a 2nd group in the Santa Maria area called the Santa Maria REIC. The President of that group has personally made several million dollars in investing and is coaching several new investors. Our growth has been awesome and we're excited for our area. Prior to this, there were no other active clubs in the area and we've had to do everything from scratch. We recently made new contacts with another REIA in Santa Barbara and we're forging a new relationship with our counterparts there.

Another REIA group has been formed

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This group has been formed in Lompoc, Ca called the "Lompoc Valley REIA". It is being lead by Keith Boley who is also a DG student. Some of you may have met him at the last Edge event.

Interested in starting a San Joaquin Valley REIA?

I am interested in starting an REIA in the San Joaquin Valley - central California - Fresno area.
Anyone interested? Recent DG BOG attendee and motivated to work with investors and others. Get it while its hot. GMP

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