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Hello,,,Can we even begin to support our lifestyles differently by utilizing the tools that are so graciously presented to us. I know I would like to have some financial net worth to start enjoying life with instead of feeling the stress of not having even a washer and dryer of my own. I just recieved The book and Video package and have been reading non stop and looking for properties non stop and trying to figure out my plan for gathering buyers non stop.,,,mostly because someday I would like to own a home of my own..outright free and clear...with flowers to plant and my own washer and dryer, top of the line of course. This program is helping me DREAM again one baby step at a time.
Please feel free to share...I enjoy knowing there are people out there that i can feel connected too and who knows one day may get to meet.
Its MOTHERS DAY!..Happy Mothers Day 2010 Blessings to you and those you love

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