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Albyena Newberry
Sacramento, California
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Hello My name is Albyena Newberry...Alby for short..however my friends and family still call me BUNNY....When my parents brought me home from the hospital that is all they ever called me. So, I went to grammar school, middle school and high school with my name as BUNNY. Thats why i alwsys utilize my handle as SIMPLY BUNNY on line. I am fourty nine years old and was married once. I am now widowed and I have six children. I believe greif experienced by losing a child is by far the hardest of lifes lessons thus far. I lost my second son Jesse to suicide he threw himself in front of an Amtrak passenger train April 24th 2006...He had been homeless and I can honestly say...if I had a safe secure home for him to land when he became homeless at the age of twenty four he may of been alive today. Having Shelter that is loving and safe is crucial to our being able instead of just survive. His life and death was and is sometimes the most difficult thing for me to face as a mother. My heart goes out to every parent that has lost their child because of war, evil predators, or bizzare accidents, disease. HAPPINESS has escaped me these past couple of years and I am trying to come out of that deep dark hole of depression and take financial control of my life. I have two young daughters still at home and four beautiful grandchildren with a fifth on the way..but if i dont do something different i see myself on the corner or near a roadside holding one of those signs asking for help. I have no formal education other than attending a couple of college classes after leaving high school early with NO diploma..and still no GED..How stupid were those choices as a young adult who did not know any better..I thought if I got married that would make my life better and although I still believe in marriage today...well I realize other peoples wills can not be controlled and they can have an affect on your life. I can not blame anyone else for my bad choices..however I do understand that loving people that hurt us can leave us with low self esteem. Not to mention tragedies that one could never imagine will alter our perception of life and love for eternity.

I like sharing deeply with people, I like horses and harleys. I like to read. I like to play a good game of chess. I like remodeling homes. I like design. I love to paint. Painting murals with oil paints is fascinating to me. i am interested in growing as a person and strenghten the areas i am weak and improving my ability to LOVE and be LOVED in return.

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IM scared but IM GOING FOR IT.

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I have nothing else that seems even close to making my dreams of owning my own home possible...Im scared but Im going for it...Nice to be here.

Hi Albyena Newberry

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Good to see your taking the steps to make a difference in your life. I am also from Sacramento but am currently living in Washington State. I couldn't find employment there so I had to move back home, sucks... Have you read the books that Dean offers cause they make all the difference and will definitely help anyone understand what steps they need to take. The books are filled with tons of information and I still return to them if I don't really understand something. Stay strong, keep your head up and you will only have better days...

What a nice greeting!!! Thank You!

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I have to do something....this will be the link with my drive for success....Im so hoping that reading and re-reading is going to make a huge difference...Sacramento is not the nicest place to be unless you have a lot of money. I love the information available in the books and I am trying hard to put together my first offer....i KNOW NOTHING ABOUT REAL ESTATE..OTHER THAN i DONT OWN ANY YET..,.NOR DO I HAVE ANY MONEY TO BUY ANY Ive gotta make this thing work...otherwise I will end up a bag lady in CENTRAL PARK or near the light rail in Sac..LOL...NOT gonna happen..Thanks for the encouragement...Sincerely
Albyena Newberry


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Okay everyone...I am coming up out the DARK POVERTY HOLE..Yippee... emotionally, and physically, I am feeling better just since aquiring Dean Graziosis BOOK.Thank You Mr.Dean Graziosi, Blessings to you and those you LOVE..So,, There is some light at the end of the TUNNEL?!!!..if i keep reading and coming on line and hearing all of the positive success stories..I just know this thing is gonna work....I still am very scared,,,but its like having GOD or No GOD...this is a road map to profit like the bible can be Healing to ones soul. I still am chewing my cheeks with uncertainty....I now believe I can find the dwellings. Now this BUNNY has to Hop along and have those buyers ringing my number. Its funny my family and friends have called me BUNNY since I came home from the having six little rabbits of my own...I need to make sure I find a good dwelling place for my now five grand children to come and visit with comfort. There is nothing more stressful then not having enough money to pay bills, rent, or food...I have been in the welfare line many times and now refusing in these hard times to sign up for welfare because i can not find work..well the truth is I am choosing to devote my energy towards this program and our future..before punching a time clock like I did running Pizzas only for them to send me home when business was down. When i can make the time to learn this process I just know I will ...I have everything to gain and so much more to lose if I dont...I feel like Im learning slowly..I want to know everything right away...Im famished, starving, thirsty and worn out from poverty...Stay in touch and I will win this race...working towards my first deal....Who knows I may even celebrate with a that sparkles.

RADISSON HOTEL Sacramento, California May 2010

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Well Im in the Lobby checking my facebook,and emails....wishing people I know could be here with me today...I keep thinking I need to work in a place like this..and then I think further WOW would nt it to be great to own a place like this...heavy Im back to my reality which is just barely making it...without the help of my sister supporting me and my girls aside from child support...I am drowning. Hoping if I stay on track Deans program may be able to save me in more ways then one...i am slightly optimistic...Lets see what happens at this seminar today...I will take good notes and sit up front if I can...I am two and a half hours early...!!::Puzzled?? I must really want to be here..I think I will visit the restaurant and have an early lunch and read some more of RIGHT NOW...I wanna profit from real estate if I can find a way to do it.

"Bunny" keep the faith

Bunny you are so motivated, I feel inspired just by reading your stories. I live in Vegas and have been experiencing some of what you have been going through. I am a single mom with two kids and haven't seen anything that even remotely looks like a light at the end of the tunnel. I am currently reading one of Dean's books now and going through the website. Wow! there is a lot of information and resources here. Keep the faith and I'm sure that soon you will be telling us about your first deal soon.


Your story touched me!!

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Glad you ate starting to excape from that place that saw no happiness or hope. Being new to this myself, your story just motivated me even more. i commend you on being such a strong women and wanting a better life for your family. I am too a single mom of 2. I am currently in a new relationship and he's actually the one who intriduced me to Dean's material. Going on this website and reading everyone's stories and learning a lot has teached me so much already. I to stay in Sacramento, CA and maybe you can be of an assistance to me to help me get started on the research and things that I should know in our city. Again, your story really touched my heart and I envy you for your strength, you have seem to come a long way and thats something you should be very proud of

Hello Bunny

I read you story,and was very touched...
Yes, I know its been nearly two years ago .
So I am wondering how things are going for you..
Hopefully you are doing well and are working or have your own home or business ..Please let me know if i can help in any way.Stay strong keep a smile ,William