Step 3 Get organize.

It is very important to get organized with all the tools that you need. Have every thing is in order.
1. Documents
2. Forms
3. Sites
4. Data base
5. Follow up list etc

Thank You,

That's what I need to work on

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The voicemail, advertisements, and tools I have, but keeping it all organized to work efficiently would be the key. I do have to make up a system. Thanks Wening.


Get organize! You are wellcome!, Joe

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Hi, Joe
It is very simple. I use Set For Life for Data Base and Grasshopper for voice mail in combination with Mobi marketing text messages. I just get on to it to set it up after that is sooo simple. I Wrote down a list of voice mail Greetings that I use and I read them several time and that's it. I record them an use them in combination with gosh ads. Good Luck!

Respectfully Yours,
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Wening, I love your organized

... and update

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great advice Wening-thanks for sharing!

also, keep in mind that all files need to get updated every once in a while... you don't want to have your files accumulated with outdated information, expired forms, or contacts that no longer exist...

wishing everyone success,


Excellent point Vaelrie.

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Excellent point Vaelrie.

Thank You!

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Thank you for connecting and adding your advices to this forum. I want to extend my warmest wishes to all. Happy!! 4 Of JULY!!!

Happy Investing!!
Success and Nothing Less!!
Wening Eye-wink

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