I have properties to 20%,30%,40%. off FMV, in the central valley ca. It's growing fast.

email me or call me if your looking four properties.

email-miguelmagallon1 AT ****

I am from Lindsay

So I'm aware of it's potential and all of the good things they're building there. I currently live in Visalia.

I've been working on becoming a buyer and have been trying to pull off a number of deals. One already went through here in Visalia a couple months ago and I have a couple of others in the works.

Give me some time to see what I can come up with as far as funding, and I'll get back to you. In the mean time, let's see your deals and figure out if we can't at least make one of them work.

Ben Kimball

** new to this and ready to invest **

JoseGonzalezCalifornia's picture

ready to buy good deals at extreme discounts..looking in upper setion of central valley ...merced to modesto along freeway 99
i have a decent amount of cash ready to invest


email me good deals to hilmarvideo@****

Looking for buyers in our area

Hi, we are just getting started and right now we are looking for buyers in the Merced - Modesto area. If you are still ready to buy let me know your email doesn't fully show so you'll need to send me a private message.

Porterville Area

Hello, my name is Zac and i live in Porterville, very close to Lindsay. I am new to REI but have been deeply engulfing myself in the knowledge here on the site. I have recently read 2 of Deans books and now am seeking help from locals that are doing what i am trying to do. I have good credit and some cash stockpiled and ready to make my first deal happen!!!! can anyone step up to the plate and help me with this process?

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