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Hello Investors

My Name is Bernard ,it so good to see that their are others investors out there. I would love nothing more than to create a network and relationship with any other openminded investor that is ready to think outside the box and create some wealth. I am currently
using a finder fee introduction into the Real estate world. My goal is to buy 10 houses hold for 10 years than sell them. If there is anyone out there in the Investor's world I would be more than happy to discuss, brainstorm, share ideas, experience and knowledge.

Good Hunting


Deals in NJ

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Im looking to find the best REO deals in NJ. The first deal I plan to buy will be my own home, to build enough equity from the reno, live rent free, and to reinvest back into the next property. Does any one have a strategy for finding the best and new listed REOs that are within traveling distance to NYC? I need more information on getting these properties at a lot less than the banks are asking. I have a feeling values of locations in Jersey will rise over the next years given the overpopulation issues in NYC.

Thanks for any help or suggestions

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