Tell us about yourself

I'm back from a few days of traveling and our group has now grown by 2. As the administrator, some of you wrote to me a bit about what you are looking for or have to offer. I invite you to respond to this post to share with the others in the group that same information. Such as if you are looking to partner with others, have a property and are looking for a hard money lender, looking for information and guidance, etc.

I'll begin by saying I've had starts and stops and haven't yet purchased as an investor, so from this forum I'm looking for inspiration by sharing with like-minded people in the region to supplement what I learn from Dean's books, this site and the new Edge course that I just purchased and received.

In the meantime, my husband and I looked at a property before we left on vacation that we are considering; it's a commercial property -- a coffee shop in an area with no competition-- housed in a mostly renovated old farm home sitting on nearly an acre of land. It's priced right and we have a family member who would run the business if we purchased it. It's not the way I thought we would begin but it's an opportunity to invest in both the property and the business and help out a close relative. We'll see what happens as we wait to see the business financials.

And you?

Nancy D.

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