SE Wisconsin/NE Illinois DG Mastermind Group

DG's online site is amazing and this group located in SE Wisconsin (Kenosha region)/NE Illinois looks to "step it up" with informal in-person meetings once a month for discussion, motivation and assisting each other toward success. Dean's books, the DG site information and personal experience and ideas will be at the core of these in-person meetings (coffee anyone?). This region-specific group is open to any level of investor.

We can, together

Hello everyone - as all "old" members know, this has been an inactive group for quite awhile. Many things have taken place since last fall that have and continue to take my time, energy and focus away from this group. My last post here was asking if anyone would like to assist in helping lead the group and I'm wondering if there now might be someone who would either like to assist with the group or take over its leadership completely.

Seeking assistance

MasterMind group leader seeks "co-conspirators" to help plan and lead group in weekly RE conference calls. Smiling

Reminder: Friday, Oct. 16 Group Conference Call

Just a reminder that our first Master Mind group conference call is tomorrow at 7 p.m. CST, Friday, October 16. If you've misplaced the phone number, look for a reminder message from me in your personal email that will contain the call in number.

I hope to hear you on the call!

All the best,

October Group Call has been scheduled

Hello Mastermind Group members! Please check your DG inbox for a private message giving details of our upcoming October conference call. Hope you all will be able to be on it! If for some reason you don't receive the message, private message me for details.

aka Aerialist

Weekly or Monthly Conference Call?

What do the members of this group think of having either or weekly or monthly conference call? I think it's the jumpstart we need.

Please post here if you like the idea, and if so, would you prefer it to be monthly or weekly, your preferred day/time, etc. Or, if you have other ideas you'd like to see implemented for our group, please share.


How do you stay motivated?

No matter our level of experience and no matter our successes, staying motivated can be challenging. How do you stay motivated?

Do you do at least one thing everyday related to real estate? That is motivating.

Do you talk with positive people? That is motivating.

Do you keep your goal in mind every day and know that you will achieve it? This may be difficult but if you do it this can be your motivating force.

So how do you stay motivated?

What are you working on?

So I'd like to know what you, the MasterMind group members, are currently working on?

My husband and I were looking at a commercial property that we'd invest in and his sister would run the business and make payments to us to buy the business & the property. Unfortunately, the property didn't have two major things we'd been led to believe were a part of it and this business doesn't make sense without them and so we've passed on this.

Tell us about yourself

I'm back from a few days of traveling and our group has now grown by 2. As the administrator, some of you wrote to me a bit about what you are looking for or have to offer. I invite you to respond to this post to share with the others in the group that same information. Such as if you are looking to partner with others, have a property and are looking for a hard money lender, looking for information and guidance, etc.

Grocery Store RE magazines

This weekend I picked up several of those free Real Estate magazines that are usually located at the inside entrances of the grocery store. One contained listings specific to a local real estate company and the other two had listings from several RE companies in my area. I was pleasantly surprised to find 4 properties that I'm going to call on this week, including one that is bank-owned for $35,000 that they say is $20,000 below fair-market value. That one really caught my eye because it also said 100% financing available if qualified.

The definition of Master Mind

When the term Master Mind group is heard, many think of Napoleon Hill, who wrote about it in his classic book "Think and Grow Rich." Hill describes the Master Mind in this way:

"The Master Mind principle may be defined as a composite mind, consisting of two or more individual minds working in perfect harmony, with a defnite aim in view."

He of course goes into it in depth in his book and if you haven't read it I do suggest you add it to your reading list. "Think and Grow Rich" is considered one of the 100 most important books of our time.

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