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I discovered I loved real estate when I searched to buy my first home nearly 15 years ago. During that time,I've purchased three homes and sold two (each in three different states), making decent money on each sale. Part of that was due to seller's markets, but I've also felt I have a certain knack when it comes to real estate. After years of reading about investing and watching tv show after tv show about it all (thank you HGTV and TLC) I'm ready to finally take the leap into actual real estate investing. I'm very pleased with Dean's books that I've read (and am reading) and also thrilled to find that this is a site filled with people eager to see everyone succeed. Thank you all in advance for any and all advice and support you provide. As we say in the circus, "see ya down the road."

Real estate of course! And other entrepreneurial pursuits, publishing, theater and performance, jewelry making, knitting, travel and the circus.

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Full time Public Relations, part time entreprenuer

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I abide in Germantown WI. I had realestate salesperson license in 03 and let it go because sales were down but with Deans books I am understanding how to make money in this market. I work construction part-time now and want to get back to realestate fulltime by networking with others.

Good Lead

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FMV $ 125,000 to $150000 not sure yet. $80,000 equity.
Owner behind 2 months mortgage payment. Bank will not take back payments that she has without an extra $1,700 for foreclosure paperwork already started. She does not have the $1,700. and cannot find a lender.

Question......What do I say to the lady when she calls me today? Do I ask her to agree to a finders fee when I get someone to buy her out for, $100K.?

re: Good Lead

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Hey David!
I had a somewhat long response so I put it in a private message sent to your inbox. Check there for it!
Nancy D.


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It is great to read your posts and insight. We wish you luck on all your future real estate deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thank you, Joe!

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Your kinds words are much appreciated, and you are a great inspiration on this site. I wasn't sure how to respond to this so it seems I also sent you a PM as well. May all good things come to you -- you've certainly set the stage for it! Smiling --- Nancy

Property ladder

I just found "property ladder" of TLC for the first time.
I searched for TLC on here and found your profile.

This lady on here doesn't know what she's doing!
Do they ever show professionals on this show?
And do you know of other shows involving REI?


re: Property Ladder

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Hi Paul,

There are various shows on TLC and HGTV about flipping homes. There's even a reality show on Bravo that just came back called Flipping Out. I've enjoyed watching several of the shows, even those about first time homebuyers such as on HGTV. I feel I learn something new all of the time; however, except for a couple of the shows about flipping houses on TLC (and unfortunately I don't know any of the names but you can look at the TV listings-- especially weekend day programimg) I don't know of a show that follows any REI in their daily work, or showing someone doing investing in other ways except for flipping homes. I wish there was one! Perhaps you could ask that in a forum here and someone else knows of one.

I wish you all the best,
Nancy D.


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It is great to see you on the DG site. I was reading Indiana-Joe's journal and I saw you liked reading about his and my deals. Well thank you. Real Estate is amazing. I love it, there is always something new and exciting to find.
I wish you luck and happy adventures.
Carpe Diem Stacey


Hiya Fellow Cheezheads! I'm in Williams Bay (Geneva Lake area) & I'd like to join your group. I've read Dean's book but have yet to do any deals. I can discuss why in our face to face meetings when you have's mainly got to do with Wiskonsin's advisarial Business climate. We already own & operate a business so we know of what we speak.
Anyway, I'd like to talk about getting started & sharing what I know so far, outside of what Dean has provided.