I'd love to connect/network with other like-minded Canadian real estate investors who are buying in Florida specifically, but if you are buying anywhere in the U.S., we'd love to hear from you.
I am not an absolute R/E rookie, but have not fulfilled my potential as a real estate investor. If you can help, or need help like me, lets get in touch and motivate and educate each other.

New members

Hey! We're up to 7 members! Any one have any great tips on whats working in our very different market? All of Dean's stuff will work for us, the prices will just be higher...tough to pick up a property for $50,000 in the GTA, surrounding suburbs or commutable towns. And of course foreclosures are way different for us. My experience is that mostly, the banks get fair market value and there's usually a bidding war as soon as a property goes P.O.S.

Anyone have a different experience?

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