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EDGE 2009

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You have been changing my life tremendously during the last six months. But more since I got this course last week, my life have not been the same. I have made a big sacrifice to get this course but is liked your books came alive right before my eyes, seing all the top students, coaches and presentors. I have not excuses not to take action. But the most exciting things is that my wife decided to join me to do this and get us out of the whole we are. I have watched everything and done some of the excercises you recomended, but my wife and I are going to do the 7 steps and the other excersices together, starting Monday, while the kids are in school. She has been involved on another business but I guess she's realizing that Real Estate is the answer to our prayers. I've been using Greg Murphy's strategies and putting my team together. All I need is a lawyer, I mean a real estate lawyer. I have to overcome that obstacle because of my fear of lawyers. Because of a previous divorce, forclosure and bankruptcy. I have been following Greg's Murphy Lease Option Strategy because my credit is on the "craper" too. I have been getting a lots of tenat/buyers but not many reliable cash buyers that I can pass my deals to. I have posted signs to attract sellers but not much success on that yet. However I stay on craighlists, and posted adds on the American classifies. Now I am concentrating on finding flexible sellers. Last week I met with a open minded realtor. It took me six months to find her. And out a small tip from Matt Larson, to look for AS-IS properties and she got me a pretty decent list, eventhough I have to find the right financing for that route. Next week we are going to go and look at some properties. She is very knowleable of the market. She told me on which neighborhoods to concentrate on. We have a large rent market right now because of the strict banks criteria. I met with too local banks she recommended, but their criteria does not meet my needs right now. I have to concentrate on Private lenders for that type of deals.

Last week something happened to try to steal my joy and motivation. After coming back from the realtor, I find out that our landlord was selling the property we are renting from under our feet causing a major set back. I was trying to do a lease option with him on this property but I realized things always happenes for the better. We got upset, but we can let that stop us from where we want to go. This Website is being a great support for me since I first started. I have learned so much from different students is being amazing.

I am a disable retired veteran and I need this for my family. I can't work any more for a living as a computer IT, and my wife got layoff last August on top of that. So one night out of desperation and stress, I could not sleep and started channel surfing, running into the last part of your infommercial. I have watched part of your informmercial before, but that night I don't know what happened, I immediately order your books back in October 2009. I joined your website inmmediately and I have not stopped since.

I have decided to follow Murphys strategies because they are more appropiate for my situation.

I have been liked a bird, soaking all in. Now I need to let it come out and take action. The most rewarding by product so far is that my wife has decided to join me on this, and for that I thank you. She is starting to read the books now. She has been drilling me on what I know so far and its being fun. She said she will help until I made my first $50k liked Carol Stinson.Smiling

I have been communicating with Chip and Andrea and they have been great support. Also, now I feel I know you, Matt, Greg, Rina, Chip, Andrea and one of my favors, Jeff Jensen. I will love someday do what he does. He's having to much fun helping us.

Dean, thank you for your nice surprised video. It means the world to me, taking time of your busy schedule to email us. God bless you, your family, your team.

With all my love and respect.


Gain the EDGE 2009

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The Gain the EDGE 2009 event was just tremendous. Stacey and I can't believe how this one weekend had changed our lives forever. Thank you for takiign the time to share your knowledge with us and provide the capabilities to succeed with real estate investing. We can't wait for the next EDGE event and often wtahc the EDGE 2009 DVDs for any other tidbits of information we may have missed the first several times through. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Hi, Ive just started again,

Hi, Ive just started again, ordered a book a year ago and started thinking I can't do this so mean while I got into another business of sales,but that takes money and the things I sell you can probably get at Big Lots for less. In this day people are cutting back on buying knick knacks and things like that,and I don't push them because I am one of those people,therefore sales aren't good. I did the 7 level exercise first thought I was doing it to pay off debts and spend more time with the family,but found out my real reason is my concern for my mother she has no way of recieving care and she is getting in worse shape. My husband and I both have to work and can barely pay our bills, she has truley been on my mind alot lately.I swore I would never get anything on television again but it spoke to my heart and I have a different attitude this time I am actually taking notes and doing the exercises Just got in from walking the neighborhood saw several houses for sale so I am gonna practice using the totalviewrealestate website just to get my feet in the water. I hate being cooped up inside so my husband said I can use his lap top. Thank You Dean and everyone who writes in for your support.

Still reading

I am a newbie and still reviewng all
thinking of ordering course
live in Massachussets anyone out hear



blog 101

I am very interested dean and right now I am enroute to a hand doctor so I'm keeping up via phone and will check back in when I get back to my computer. Have a blessed day everyone!!!

blog 101

I am very interested dean and right now I am enroute to a hand doctor so I'm keeping up via phone and will check back in when I get back to my computer. Have a blessed day everyone!!!

Hi Dean I am a baby at real

Hi Dean I am a baby at real estate but looking Forward to working with you and your team and Being successful at it. Thank you for your support video With love angelia of North Carolina

Edge 2010

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The Edge 2010 home study is awesome. I'm on the 4th dvd only because I've watched the others 2 and 3 times. Thanks for putting it out there Dean. You're the best.

new to real estate

Hi Dean
I am new to the real estate financial market, but with the help from You and Your Professional team. I will become successful at making future real estate sales. I just received my books and dvds, I watched the dvds and I am reading " Your Town, Your Real Estate Profits".

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