Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #238 - Properly Placed Honor

This week we remember those brave men and women of the military who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. You are encouraged to post your words of gratitude and remembrance by posting below. Let's remember that the holiday that begins this week is for our fallen servicemen and women.

If, like Dean, thinking about those who gave their lives in the military also reminds you of other people who have impacted your life, be grateful for them as well. Do however remember what this holiday is truly in honor of.

Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you Dean for sharing so many positive thoughts with us. I am here thanks to my Grandma who with a 2nd grade education and not knowing the English language, decided to take a chance on life and relocated to the United States from the Dominican Republic. She left 7 children behind and brought her three youngest but as the tenacious woman she is, she was able to bring all of them to this foreign land. Had it not being for her courage, I would not be here embracing the opportunity you are so kindly offering to me and subsequently to family. It is my now my responsibility to set them all free!

Thanks to our veterans

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On Memorial Day I tend to think of those who suffered during the Bataan Death March in the Philippians. Maybe because I live in New Mexico and a disproportionate number of New Mexican soldiers participated in that terrible event. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And to all our Vietnam vets who returned to so little thanks, you are forever in my heart and my prayers. May God watch over you.

Help veterans by giving them positive influence to get benefits

Just heard brieftly from the news in last couple of days that a California senator recently commented that there are a large percent of veterans who don't apply the benefits they deserve including VA loan benefits to buy their own houses (he seems trying to introduce some sort of legislation about it to encourage/help/push them to apply for the benefits). Although I didn't support most of his other measures and he even wasn't my supported candidate, this perticular one do get my support because I see from veteran in my family or their veteran peers especially those young ones do have this type of problems as the CA senator described. The sociaty including us do need to help educating/influencing them (but not with fees/shares as other news reported those bad guys did which gave bad reputations for such help) to take advantage their benefits for their home ownership. I believe this follows the same Win-Win principle DG has always shown (and why I like him). Let's trully thank and help our veterans by reducing their homeless rate this way.


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Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone, haven't done a deal yet, but getting there. I am putting my fears behind me, keeping my why in front of me, feeling obligated to help my family members, don't have the money to lend but with the knowledge I feel I would be letting them down if I did nothing in real estate, thanks for the vision and all the other posts.

Never forget.....

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Thanks Dean for reminding us how special all of those who came before us have been in shaping our lives. God bless all of our military men and women who have given everything to keep our beautiful country free. God bless their families and those left behind who have had to go on without them. I can't imagine what that sacrifice must have been like. I hope all of those who have served, and those serving now will always be in our hearts and prayers.
Christine Fontenot

never thought about it.

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Hey Dean, I never thought about how my efforts in RE would ever affect my future generations. Thanks for pointing that out. Now it makes me want to work harder so I can get my family out of the poor house and give my children and grandchildren a more secure life

Thanks Dean!

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I love the story of your grandfather! I'm reading through your book Totally Fulfilled, where you mention this story. It is a great perspective that I never acknowledged before. My grandmother used to tell us all the story of how her dad escaped from the Polish army to flee to America for a better life for his family. He settled in Illinois as a coal miner and had 11 children (my grandmother the youngest).
I look at my home town that I grew up in and I see many of my friends who I must conclude are insane because they keep doing the same things and expecting the different results never willing to leave the town they grew up in and get out of their comfort zone to create their success.

Thank you Dean for keeping us all inspired and motivated for a better future. Although i have had a great life passed from my parents i want to take it to the next level for my two boys and their children.
Have a great week!

Thanks Dean

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Wonderful words of truth Dean. I'm grateful for the sacrifices your grandparents have made, making it possible for you to be here for all of us. My wife and I are from Jamaica, she has been here from age 12 but I came here 3 years ago. My intention is to change my next generation.
I give honour to the great men & women who sacrificed their lives so we can have a better life today.
Happy Memorial Day to you all.

Kevin & Natalee

Memorial Day

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It is unlikely that any family who has been in this country for one or more generations has not found themselves poignantly affected by war. I hope for the day that we will choose a different method of settling differences, and honor those whose lives and families have been affected by wars.

Honored to serve

Having been from a family that has served for generations, I felt drawn to serve and an honor to protect this country for over 24 years. There were tough and sad times that I will never forget: serving in war zones myself, deciding who to send, and having to go in a military vehicle in full dress to tell parents their son had died. Thankfully, I survived some close calls and am here today. God spared me and I now give back by serving the elderly with, many of whom served or were spouses of service members, by doing small household repairs for them. May we not forget the memory of those that died so we can be here today!

God Bless America

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Dear Dean, Again you have nailed it. We all owe so much. It's encouraging to have people like you walking around in our lives. You are doing special things are going to benefit greatly from now and forever. I've lost 2 Family members that served our country and I think about them every day. Thanks Again,

Memorial Day remembered 2 days later

Both my father's (adopted and birth) were in wars. My adopted father was in World War II in the Army Air Corp and stationed in the European Theater where as his brother, my Uncle was stationed over in the Pacific Theater. Clearly on opposite sides of the world. My birth father was in the Vietnam War. My adopted father used to tell me all these stories about how sometimes he would come back to the base with 100 bullet holes in the plane, about the time when he was trying to get a block buster out of the hatch of the plane because it was set to go off but got stuck and how he saw his life flash before his eyes on numerous occassions. He participated in the 1000 plane raid over Berlin, saw Hitler and the concentration camps, flew over Normandy in France, and when he came home, had a severe case of PTSD. Which back then, was not known. All I really knew about my uncle was that he got shot in the elbow and was never able to lift his arm up past his chest. But they came home alive, albeit damaged, and because of them, as well as thousands of others, we can thank for our freedom. As the saying goes, "Freedom isn't free," and we had to, and have to protect it with our lives, so future generations can prosper by it. To America! The best country in the world!

never thought of that

That is something I have never thought of before..How will my grandkids remember me? It made me think of my grandpa and what a rich life he lived, fearless and full of adventure. Thanks for the image Dean. I watch these every week but this was the one that switched the light on buddy, great job..ha ha ha..

It was a mixed feeling day!

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Hey dean thanks for the encouragement. I need it a lot these days. It was a great day because I got to spend it with my mom and my daughter. I will always cherish that.
I am going threw the most painful time of my life. The love of my life has left me and now I am a single dad raising my 5 month old daughter. I don't have the hardest life but sometimes I just don't know what to do. I don't know how to fit in real estate and I want to sooo bad. I'm just trying to get threw the day. My baby girl demands a lot of time. I know you worked hard to get where you are and I want to do the same. I'm just trying to get my life organized to start but it seems like it is taking forever and as soon as i get one thing started, my baby needs me.
I know people have it worse but like you said it hurts and boy does it hurt. Once i get started I know I won't be stopped. Just getting started is the hard part. My daughter is my world now I'm just so lost in what to do.

Memorial Day Inspiration

First, Thank you for all service members alive, injured, and deceased ...and sacrifice you all have personally made for this Country....

Dean, your words of inspiration are a constant reminder of the courage it takes to not just think outside the box, but also take the action to make the change -- as you indicated by your grandfather's decision to leave familiar surroundings to take on a challenge.

I trust we all with continue to pursue not what is easy, but inspire others to reach within themselves to go for what seem impossible and overcome those obstacles.

Stay strong America, the dream is not over!

Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is quite significant and our Gold Star families of our fallen heroes deserve the utmost respect of remembrance of their loved one(s) on this very important day. These brave men and women, and their families, paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom in our great country. Our prayers are with them for strength, guidance and peace as they remember the loss of their loved one(s). If anyone knows a Gold Star mom, dad, sister, brother, give them a hug because it means so much to know others care about their loved one and the pain they are still feeling with losing them.

All gave some, some gave all. R.I.P. Brave warriors.

*Dean, Jack and I just got back in country last night and this is the first chance to comment on your Weekly Wisdom of Honoring our Heroes. Thank you for taking time to honor them and their families.

Every day is Memorial day

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This was our 8th memorial day since our son was killed in Iraq. Every year I endeavor to reach out to people that believe this is another Veterans day. As a Gold Star Parent this day, his birthday and his death day are days that bring reality close by remembering the sacrifice that Mike gladly endured to be the best Marine that he could be for the country that he loved so dearly.
Thanks for doing your part to educate all your students on what Memorial day is all about.

Family gratitude

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My father was a Vietnam vet and I think about him on this holiday. I also think about my dad when Iam trying to figure out what to do-his advice was always fair and logical. I tell you,he would have seized a great opportunity when he saw it! And I am my father's daughter...Inspired by generations before me,like Dean mentioned... Although I am taking my time trying to figure out each step-being so new to Real Estate-trying to understand so many new ideas. But the thing is,I really feel like I understand my area well and see some great opportunities around me NOW...And Iam scared outta my wits!!! Yup, overcoming fear of change. How did the ones before me do it. I wish I could ask him...

Memorial Day

Hi Dean,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts for Memorial Weekend. I think many of us get caught up in the day to day that we sometimes overlook the meaning of holidays.

I have the highest respect and admiration for all levels of our military personnel; they put so much on the line for us every day. I also want to acknowledge the spouses and family members as they too often make huge sacrifices.

God Bless them all for the sacrifices they make to keep America free.

The US Military

Dean, I have come to understand that Memorial Day is really about recognizing the military efforts that are put forth, by, and for, this nation utilizing the talents of the living and the deceased men and women soldiers.

It is one day devoted to being mindful that we as a nation are, in fact, being represented around the world in various theaters of death, mayhem, and destruction vis-à-vis unilateral, bilateral, or multilateral troop movements, engagements, and/or destruction.

Unfortunately, wars are a necessary endeavor to, and in, this "Human" experience that we share. I do hope that there are others, in this great nation of ours, who offer up grace daily with each meal that they have, thanking the men and the women, the living and the deceased soldiers, who have, and are, making it possible for ourselves and others to enjoy the bounty that life has to offer.

Below are a couple of good organizations that will help those who are interested, reach out to the living soldiers and their families, as well as to the families of the deceased men and women soldiers.

Take care,


Giving thanks to our Military

I want to express my deepest gratitude for all of the brave service men and women that have given their personal sacrifice in defending our freedom's here in the United States.

I am a military veteran myself serving in the U.S. Navy and I give credit to this experience in my life for teaching me that discipline, dedication, hard work, and determination are the keys to success. This has worked for me in every endeavor in my life and the reason why applying these principles of discipline to real estate will continue to pay dividends.

I come from a family with a long line of military service including my Father and Grandfather. Our son Ryan is currently serving in the Navy and son-n-law Bruce the Air Force. We also have many nephew's, niece's and cousins in many different branches of the service. At any time these brave volunteers may be called into action to defend our freedom's and that says a lot about their bravery and courage!

Let us not forget those that have been lost in service so that we can enjoy the freedom and democracy in our great country.

God Bless!

Scott Shepard

Memorial Day


Thank you to all the individuals - both those that are still with us as well as those that have passed away - as well as all their respective families that either make or have made tremendous sacrifices to protect this great country that we all know as the United States of America! May God richly bless each and every single of you!

As I conclude, I want to share a video that I have found on YouTube and the video can be viewed by going to . The video is titled "So God Made A Soldier."

Thank you,


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Thank you for all your hard word and dedication.
May God Bless and continue to protect you. You are AWESOME!!!! Thank you uncles, aunt and cousin for also serving in the military. Happy Memorial Day to all of you great people.

Memorial Day

I am so thankful for those before me who paid the ultimate price for freedom! I am also grateful to the lord above to have to have served in desert storm and got to come home. And I'm thankful to those still serving to preserve the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy every day! And thank you Dean, for remembering what memorial day is all about, and, for your leadership and mentoring and never letting us give up our dreams.

Greatful for the Vets

Just want to make sure I sent my words of gratitude to the Vets. My husband is a vet as well. We all experience the gift of freedom for living in this country because people that sacrificed lives and livelihood to make sure we can maintain the freedoms we experience in our country and for that I am grateful and I give thanks to the vets and their families for their sacrificial commitment .


Giving thanks

God bless america i am greatful to me there.Thank you Dean for your words of encouragement god bless.

trying to make a sale

i have been trying to get my 1st house sold and have finally figured out that i am over analyzing everything. I live in a villiage pretty much but i have decided to venture out into other states. well i finally have buyers but they are in different states. So my question is how do i make contracts w investors in other states and not fly there? I am in ks my investors are in nevada and california and they only want property in southern california

Memorial Day

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I give Parse & Thanks to our Troops let us not forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice!!! Thank you Dean it is always nice to remember where we come from I remember my Grandparents, My parents, Aunts and Uncles they all played a roll in my life there guidance and wisdom helped forge the person I have become!! I miss the heck out of them but there are always there in my heart... They were there to guide and support me then and they still do today that is my belief... I would just like to thank all the Grandparents Moms and Dads Aunts and Uncles all who are not here that helped us all to become who we are today Thank you God please take care of are loved ones as they took care of us

Honoring our fallen vets.

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I know this is a late comment on this subject (I fell behind on your weekly wisdoms) but I don't believe it's ever too late to talk about this subject.

My two youngest sons are in the Boy Scouts of America. In spite of the controversy surrounding the boy scouts right now, it is a wonderful, time tested leadership training organization.

One of the things the boy scouts do, every year on Memorial Day, is to place American flags on the graves of vets in our local cemetery. It is always an inspiring education as we read each gravestone and look for the military symbols. We've seen names who have fought in the Spanish-American, Civil and both world wars, as well as many others.

I would encourage everyone to just take a walk in any nearby cemetery and read some history. You might be unexpectedly inspired by what you find!

Great inspiration

That's a great story about your grandfather
and much inspiration as well.

I appreciate your input each week and definitely
thankful as well for those that fight for
our country and FREEDOM.
God Bless! thx Dean.

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