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Dallin Wall
Salt Lake City Utah
About Me: 

Dallin Wall is an internationally recognized speaker and author on real estate and natural health topics, as well as an active investor for 18 years and coach/trainer on real estate and business development topics for 16 years. Dallin first met Dean Graziosi years ago while traveling the U.S. as a keynote speaker for Real Estate Investors Associations, and had no idea that years later he would be working with Dean's Real Estate program.
Dallin has worked with wholesaling, rehabbing, rentals, multi-unit, commercial, and various seller finance transactions in his own investing career, and has coached and trained over ten thousand investors.
Dallin is the author of two books on natural health topics, owner of The Herbmasters, and also assists new authors to get their books written, published, and marketed. He continues active in real estate investing and training, enjoys hiking, snorkeling, fishing, and his favorite thing is being the father of one fantastic daughter.

Hiking, snorkeling, cruising, fishing, biking, writing, public speaking.

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Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Author, Nutritional Consultant
Have Child(ren)
Some College


Enjoyed reading

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Dwall, i really enjoyed reading your posts here on DG. The articals and Blog on herbs too. I hope to aspire in helping and making a difference in the lives of people, such as you are involved.

Reallindy Response

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Thank you very much for your comments. As I'm sure you realize, there is great fulfillment in being able to provide something of value to other people. Both natural health and real estate have been great blessings in my life, and I enjoy sharing information that can help others to enjoy better health and lifestyle. Let me know if I can be of assistance with your progress.

Thanks For Your Advice

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Just wanted to thank you for all your advice, it's priceless to me and very helpful.

Thank You Jeff

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Jeff, Sorry it took me so long to realize that you had posted this. I'm always grateful and honored to be of assistance. Most importantly, I wish you the greatest of success in all you do, real estate and otherwise. Thank you also for the information you post and share with others on this site. Dallin

Your Post

Always looking & Reading your Post Dwall, your post are invaluable information. I would like to have you in my network circle.

Hey coach whats up

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Thanks for everything you taught me sir
I respect you like a father I never had im glad to be a
Part of the DG family.
God bless you always.

And like I always say
Thanks I needed that coach.

Just Checkin In

Hello Dallin,

I just wanted to check on you to say "Hi"

Goodluck in your rei business:)

Hello Dwall

I miss reading your posts.

I hope you are doing wonderful

I appreciate all the resources which you have provided for me to succeed in my rei business

God bless you

Best wishes