Weekly Wisdom #347 - Whose Rules are You Obeying?

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to share with you a lesson I shared with my kids on their first day of school this year. It's something you may not have ever thought of, but it's something we all need to hear! Whether 8 years old or 80. Watch now!

Great start

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This is the way to wake up in the morning. Roberta and I say all the time that we dont like other peoples rules which is why we do what we do. You have went deep with with them (lol) but they have the best start in life be a use of it. Real estate is great but I would trade it in a heart beat to have that..Keith

Right on

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Great advice. Totally agree! What a great start to my week!


It is so important to ask questions - that where real learning happens. As Dean states, it's not to be disrespectful,it's to figure out where your thinking and feelings go to feel right within yourself.

Rules, good or bad?

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Thank you Dean for another great Weekly!

I think that this Weekly is going to create quite some opinions... I'll try to keep mine short...

There is a quote that says "Rules are meant to be broken"; however, I disagree with it...

I believe that teachers are among the most hard-working people; and I don't see how they could cope in a classroom with 20-30 (or more!) kids without rules. Yes, we want to teach our kids to think for themselves, and question everything... but we also want them to learn to follow some rules, so that they don't get in trouble or get hurt...
I don't even want to imagine being a teacher and having 20+ kids questioning everything that is asked from them! Smiling

With that said, I don't believe that all rules are good; however, we need to educate ourselves to know the difference.


Weekly Wisdom #347 - Whose Rules Are You Obeying?

Hi Dean:
You are absolutely correct - it is very important to be creative, ask questions and have ideas of your own. Your thoughts and ideas are very important in helping to develop an independent mindset.

Whose rules are you obeying

Thanks for the wisdom on a subject we all need to stop, listen and apply.


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Thanks Dean for sharing! This is so true, I couldn't agree with you more. God put it in my heart to homeschool after having my children in a Christian private school that we loved. The teachers are people and Christians and that's wonderful, but what they pour into my child throughout the day is what we had some challenges with..... So now I am able to pour into my children, and I don't have to worry about them not being able to be who they are or have a conflict with the teachers personality...

Plus I can still do my real estate!!! You are such a positive influence. Thank you for the news diet challenge. We did it in 2013 and that's the best diet we have ever been on!!!! and stayed on it!!!!!

Tina Scott

Time tested truths...

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Great video Dean and a much needed one. Like our founding fathers here in he U.S. did so many years ago you bring up the question about following rules we did not help to create and if I could add - so blindly? I write a lot about this type of stuff in my book about relationships dynamics so I'm ecstatic to hear you bring up the subject. It gives validation that I'm not the only one thinking along the same lines! Smiling

Creating Your Own Rules

Well done! You went right to the best possible focus in life Dean: Questioning the rules allows you to follow your heart and be your true self. That is the most important lesson for anyone. What a gift that your children are getting this information so young and you too are sharing this info with everyone you can.
This message really touched my heart. It’s what I focused on each day when I taught my own elementary classroom. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing someone, child or adult, become more of themselves.
I left the traditional classroom so I could do this more effectively.
Please remember to encourage your children’s teachers in the same way you encourage your children if you can. It helps so much. The school environment is tricky to navigate for children and adults. We all need encouragement. That’s why I’m always look forward to your weekly wisdoms. Thank you for doing what you do! Wishing you & your children the best school year ever!

Weekly Wisdom #347 - Whose Rules are You Obeying?

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Hi Dean,

First week back to school is tough not only on the kids, but on the parents also.......Sad

If there were no rules.....there would be nothing but chaos......Eye-wink

Have a great week Dean.......xo


what could be better way to

what could be better way to start a week with such a healthy advice, would love to spread and include in to lives of many and mine, thanks for sharing

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