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New York ( Long Island )
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while I was in school......I majored in business....I started working in Real Estate on the side to cover the cost of school.........started making very,very good money....Of course, Good opportunities in the business world came along.......so I took them.......but I found myself again working in real estate, this time at a law firm, that represented the banks at closings,...but I continued to tell myself......get back into Real Estate.....I realized I could make more money doing real estate for myself, than pushing papers for a law firm and the banks...So I left..........It feels so good to be back....in a field I have always loved........since I was very young......Smiling

My passions are Cooking, Real Estate, Sailing, Stock Market,Traveling........

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I hope to make real estate Investing, and wholesaling my business.......
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That's awesome!!!!!!! It is nice being that you already have the knowledge behind what you are doing. What really made you think about it again? For instance, you worked at a firm...what was it about the closings that made you realize you wanted to go back to RE? I am wishing you the best and would love to speak with you about your experience! I am new but am learning and getting my feet wet at the moment! Smiling

Take care and stay blessed!


Trying to locate real estate form

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I am looking for the contract form,
Discharge of Agreement to Purchase: To start my first Wholesaling deal could anyone assist me with this form ?