Weekly Wisdom #358- Special Weekly Wisdom!!

In this week's special Weekly Wisdom I want to share some incredible tips I learned this past week at my "Genius Network" meeting. I was able to take away some amazing tidbits from the likes of Joe Polish, Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis and John Paul Dejoria (the founder of Paul Mitchell). And I want to share some of them with you this morning!

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weekly wisdom # 358

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Hello Dean, This was one of your best messages yet. Thanks for all you do.

One in a Million

Why not talk about all the regular folks who simply go to school, do the right things, and make a success out of their lives.

Stories like this with John Paul DeJoria and others who made it against all odds are one in a million. There are countless other lives, names, and faces who kept on failing until the bitter end. This is like someone abandoning their schooling and start buying lottery tickets just because they hear once in a while that someone hit it big playing the lottery!

Hard work and study is the only path to success - not pity and false promises. There are no short cuts for the 99.999%. Those who put in the effort will eventually get rewarded. The pie in the sky is just that, a pie you can see but unable to touch, unless and of course, you own a rocketship....and how many people you know owns a rocketship?

The fact of the matter remains that those who don't get distracted by the hope of some heavenly pie in the sky will most likely go on to make something out of their lives.

P.S. - Everything else is immaterial, irrelevant, and unnecessary.

Cyril Thomson Mitchell

John Paul DeJoria did not start the company on his own. It was Cyril Thomson Mitchell's (aka Paul Mitchell) system. Cyril was a hairdresser by trade. Unfortunately, Cyril died early at the age of 53 in 1989, thus leaving the company to his son and John Paul.

Today, Cyril is all but forgotten as being the main force behind the brand and system. Fortunately for John Paul, his name coincides with the brand.

Although, John Paul did say something we should all try to practice - "Don't think about things so much. Let it happen. Sometimes, people spend too much time thinking. If you just let things happen, the universe works."

P.S. - Everything else is immaterial, irrelevant, and unnecessary.

Thanks Dean!

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Great WW message. Make it a great week!

Thanks for making that

Thanks Cyril for making that clear, so many times we hear people came to this country broke and Iam sure they were, but there are those who were not.Its a very good out come for Mitchell but its nice to hear the real truth too.Many thanks Jim ( some times we dont get all the facts)

bottom out

There is one thing for sure when we are down and seem to be falling there is always a spring at the bottom that shoots us back up if we dont quit!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Jim

"Norm Folks" and The "Pie in the sky"

I understand completely, CaREl.. To some the college education from their institution of choice is their " Paul Mitchell ", " pie in the sky ", dream. The importance is not what seems to be the impossible dream its about following your heart and what you believe is your true purpose. As Dean Graziosi said when your on your death bed and you look back you will reflect on what you did and didn't pursue. I don't put reaching a lofty " Million dollar/ Billion dollar business over a college education or any other profession/ employment. Your happiness with yourself is what matters most. Following your passion is what Dean is describing. Which doesn't mean you have to go hungry to do it. But, following your vision for your life is what is important. Settling doesn't serve yourself, anyone else, or the world.

In our fast pace society

In our fast pace society, there is no more room to ponder and follow your heart's desires. Life is too fast and too expensive. Middle class existence is nonexistent anymore. Bills pile up faster than you can shoot them down. Tuition, insurance, housing, food and every other imaginable life expense has gone through the roof. Each kid costs an average 200K by the time they graduate high school. So chasing your heart's desire might have been possible during the golden era of our country, but it ain't anymore. Life is just to demanding these days. And this is fact!

P.S. - Everything else is immaterial, irrelevant, and unnecessary.


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A great in The Pursuit of Happiness story. You always have such great advice Dean; that is why I never miss your Weekly Wisdom.

wow another really! good one

Thank you for taking the time Dean to share with us all. Now that was a really good one. It really was. Thank you very much!


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I would like to comment on the survey of Secrets vs Habits. I choose success habits because; what's a secret if you are going to reveal it.

Weekly Wisdom #358- Special Weekly Wisdom!!

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Hi Dean,

Another informative weekly wisdom...appreciate you sharing this....Smiling

Thank You for all you do......xo


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