Weekly Wisdom #374 - A Lesson In Confidence!

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to show you a very powerful clip from the livecast I did last week with my good friend Trent Shelton

In this video, we talk about the importance of confidence in your life, but not only that, we share how you can go out and FIND confidence wherever you are in life!

Trent is amazing, and once you hear him speak, you'll be hooked forever!

Watch now, and go to http://trentlive.com to watch more!

moving forward

Really loved that Dean, another way putting it we get no where sitting still, cant grow in a covered dark , no air box( there are those who would like to put us there, at least thats been one of my many experiences in life but I refuse to allow that in my life from anyone) any way that was really nice info, many thanks, sincerely, Jim


Courage and Commitment definitely make a difference. I'd like to add - be creative when trying something new or scary for you. That takes some of the focus off being nervous.

Weekly Wisdom #374 - A Lesson In Confidence!

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Hi Dean,

Another positive weekly wisdom......Smiling

I like the comment...only thing that can happen is the person will say " No "

Pertaining to Real Estate, just move on til you hear a " Yes "......Eye-wink

Thank You for all you do.....xo


yes, confidence is more

yes, confidence is more important thing in our life, Mr. dean gave us more interesting and really nice info in positive way.

Awesome Dean!

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you were on a roll there Dean! Love it!!!

"You don't get confidence by standing on the sidelines!" You couldn't have said it better...

thanks for your continued motivation!


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