Weekly Wisdom #375 - I might have lied to you! (oops)

This week's Weekly Wisdom covers two quick talking points that were weighing on my heart heavily this past weekend...

1) I want to share a way that I may have lied to you, or made you believe something that is just simply not the case...

2) I want to show you what the difference is between a CORE belief and a THEORY of a belief, and show you an exercise you can do THIS week to separate them in your life! (which is really important to do!!)

So go ahead and check out this Weekly Wisdom, see what I have to say about these two things, and make sure to do the assignment I lay out Eye-wink

Watch now and enjoy!!

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Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!


Dean great topic on Core Belief vs Theory.I agree that Core Belief is a lot better than Theory.Overall Core Belief definitely outweighs Theory.Thanks for the wake up discussion Dean.

This is Deep!

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this is an amazing assignment that you are giving us this week... it sounds simple, but it is pretty deep and it will help us discover some things about ourselves... about our core beliefs....

thank you!


I think one element that has tripped me up sometimes is the perception I have based on past experiences. I have to take a look at what is 'real' versus a 'story'. A theory could be past programming. Core belief is what you operate from.

Weekly Wisdom #375 - I might have lied to you! (oops)

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom.....to make us pause, and take a step back, and look around us...Smiling

In this Holy Holiday Season, our religion is part of our core, who we are, and what we believe....Eye-wink

Wishing you and your family a Blessed & Happy Easter.....XO


Hey Dean!

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Awesome WW! I appreciate the reminder that you too are still working on you, creating habit and rituals to be better.
As I'm transitioning into a new stage of my life this is an excellent ww for me to really look at and list my core beliefs to make sure they are not just a theory.

Thanks for all you do to help me be a better me!
Make it a great week!

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