Weekly Wisdom #394 - The Greatest Moment In Life!

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to help remind everyone out there about how important it is to live in the NOW and not in the "when".

With a little help of a song by Trace Adkins, my kids, and me in tears, I bring you one of my absolute best Weekly Wisdoms to date.

You can't miss this one! Watch now Smiling

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Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

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Man I love you! Thank you very much!
You are this guy I feel like your my personal coach that follows me around.

I always get something out of your weekly wisdoms and I am truly grateful to you. Thank you!

Weekly Wisdom #394 - The Greatest Moment In Life!

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Hi Dean,

You inspire your DG Family every week.....Smiling

Thank You for all you do.....xo



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Such great words of wisdom, once again, and just what I needed to hear.
Thank you so much!

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