Weekly Wisdom #397 - The Two Things You MUST Do!

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I bring to you a "Post Growth Summit" update with two very important messages.

With speakers like Brendon Burchard, Trent Shelton, Sean Stephenson and many more INCREDIBLE speakers, I came back from the first annual Growth event with 2 powerful messages.

I don't want to give them away here, so go for it... Watch this week's Weekly Wisdom and leave me a comment and let me know what you think Smiling

Watch now!

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Placing an AD

How long does an Ad I post stay up ? Does the Ad reach a nationwide audience ?


I like this post and the positive way to look at the things I get to do, not just do.

Appreciate you Dean!

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Thank you Dean, for another Weekly - 397!! wow!!

I appreciate knowing you and being able to learn from you! So true that if we appreciate small things in life, we shift things from being a burden to being good things!
Love how you apply everything you teach us to your own family!
Making today a blessed day!

Very Important Message

I woke up this morning looking for a message to uplift me. And, this did because I am thankful to be alive, also I get to do the everyday things in my life today.
I will pass this message over to friends and others today that they get to do great things today in there life. Thank you for the positive message.

Good Morning Dean, I was one

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Good Morning Dean,

I was one of the lucky people to be at the first live growth event and I am really greatful to have participated. It was a very uplifting and positive experience. I love your message as that is how I am trying to look at things now. I think it's important to be thankful for the little things life offers us in order to really appreciate the bigger things. Thank you for a fun filled and rewarding weekend well spent!!


Great message Dean!

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I loved the Growth Summit and look forward to going again next year! Thank you for helping to put together such an amazing ever!

Make it great week!

Dean, I guess I am ahead of

Dean, I guess I am ahead of the curve. I learned
this stuff many years ago.

Weekly Wisdom 397

Thank You


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Perfect reminders.....

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