Weekly Wisdom #410 - You thought your mornings were tough! WOW!

It's Anchorage, Alaska 5:55 AM - Temperature 33 degrees below zero and the SCREAMING alarm starts to go off.

Chad rolls over and smacks the "off button" on the top of the clock with pin point accuracy. Years of practice can do that...

He looks over at his wife and knows he only has seconds left to lay under his comforter.

With no other option he JUMPS out of bed rushing to organize himself, he tosses on his blue pants and work uniform.

Not looking forward to what the day has in store for him, he gets up enough courage to try and face the nearly UNBEARABLE frigid cold.

As he does every day, before leaving he swings by his daughter's room to give her a kiss goodbye. But today was different, she was awake and right before he snuck in his kiss she turned to him and said "Dad why do you have to go to work today, stay with me"

Upon arriving to work, he realizes that the car that is first up for repair needs to be pushed inside.

He goes out into the freezing cold, gets behind the car with two other co-workers and they start pushing. It's so cold that it literally feels like his hands are going to break off!

It's so cold that it's one of those chills that's stuck deep within his bones. But he does what he must and starts spinning wrenches at the mechanic shop he calls "work"..

Later that evening he walk's briskly into his home after another night of overtime hoping to talk with his daughter only to find out she had fallen asleep an hour earlier.

His wife says "she tried to stay up babe"..

Chad falls in to a kitchen chair and puts his head in his hands and thinks to himself - "Is this it.. Is this my destiny"


This is a true story of Chad Bartlet - You may not be a mechanic in Alaska or even struggling like he was, but I'm guessing you can relate to his day in some way shape or form.

Go watch a quick video where I chat with Chad now and see how he gained the courage to overcome his fear and make a change.

You see... that cold day in Alaska was the breaking point for Chad... That was the day everything changed..

He was able to overcome the negative people around him and go after what was in his soul. Soon after that decision, he moved away from Alaska.

Now he has his own business and is making more money than ever before in his life!

In the last few years he's traveled the world with his family, he attends every dance recital, every piano lessons, and he's the dad he used to only dream about being.

Go watch the quick video I shot with Chad and see how he overcame the obstacles in front of him and now literally works only 4-5 hours per week!

His life has completely changed and it all started with just a few key habit changes.. I got him to share.. You can't miss this weekly wisdom. You will thank me later..



And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, if you haven't started the better life challenge make sure to go to http://www.thebetterlife.com.

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

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Weekly Wisdom

I just watched reciprocty to #410 they are all great and Loved them all we need more good news to be surrounded by and be engulfed in Thanks so much

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