Assigns/Finders Fee

Assigns/Finders Fee

Hi Everyone,

I was reading all the posts on Assigns and read that some states do not allow Assigns or Finder Fees. Does anyone know if California does? If no one knows, how would I find that information.



Double closings...

Are double closings legal? Example: I've found two houses in pre-foreclosure and have worked with the banks to get them through a short sale. The bank assumes that I'm going to buy them when in fact the homeowners have already found buyers. Can I take them both to the title compay and close the same day. The title will never go in my name. I can just get it into escrow for the finance part of it. In essence, I'm acting as a real estate agent.

Has someone ever done this before?


Hello Gerryette - in California assigns are legal and do then them often.

Double closings are also legal I have done those as well and the key is finding a title/escrow company that are familiar with how they work.


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