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Geraldine ( Gerry) Edie
Grass Valley, Ca
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I have been married for 27 years to a great guy who loves to "do". Which at the age of 50 is a good thing! We have two kids, one who is about to graduate from the Sac State Teaching Credential program and a son who graduated last Dec from ITT with a bachelors degree in Computer Networking. Our whole family loves to water ski, camp, go to theme parks, cruise and play poker. I bought Deans book from the infomercial on T.V. as a means to a brighter future for myself and my family. Through various circumstances which I won't go into we have found ourselves struggling to make ends meet and we worry about our retirement. Until our kids are self sufficient and on their way so to speak we are paying for their car insurance, reg., and gas, etc. We continue to do what we can for them as they have gone to college and have been terrific kids with great hearts. I want them to succeed as much as possible. But, I have decided I need to now do something for us and in the long run for them as well by venturing out and trying something scary and new. I hope I have made the right choice in RE.

Water Sports, Traveling, Camping, Gambling, Bowling, Playing Bunko and Poker

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I own a small Vending machine business and am a merchandiser. My husband is in account management
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Hi Gerry

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hey a couple thoughts for you. If you have a question, open a post on your own for just you. there are many great people on this site that will give you all the advise you can handle and then some. When you open a post it is just for you, and I'm sure you dont want people jumping on your thread. Ok, now school is in session.
Yes I am in the mentor program and have been since May 08. Is it worth it?? Yes without a doubt. There is a ton a information for you to learn and digest. I guess it depends on how much time you are willing to devote to becoming an REI. Depending on your financial situation, it can be expensive. but how much is too much to pay for a better way of life. There is much to do in the course. I now spend about 6 to 10 hours a week studying, listening to audios and trying to line up deals. For some it happens quick and for others like myself it takes a little longer. By my own choice. Anyway, I hope that I have given you some positive insight into the DG family. You are part of a very active REI group, so hold on to your seat and go for the ride.......Jan