Welcome everyone in Arizona who wants to take advantage of our combined knowledge and experience. Dont be afraid to ask anything, we are here to help and to get help, so feel free to share your experiences and ask for assistance. Good luck with all your investments.

Let's Make It Happen

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Hello Everyone,

I too am new to EDGE and look forward to learning from others success and being a resource to others. There is so much to learn which is exciting. My wife Penny, grew up in Tucson AZ, so we have a lot of family members and friends in the area there. We live in SoCal and are often visiting family and friends in AZ.

We are excited about getting connected with people who want to change their lifestyle financially in the process of helping family, friends and community. We look forward to meeting EDGE AZ members online and at some future event in AZ.


Hello All


I am very new to this and very excited I would love to attend any meetings this az group mite have. Please let me know if there is a meeting any time soon


Hello All


I am very new to this and very excited I would love to attend any meetings this az group mite have. Please let me know if there is a meeting any time soon


Interest in investment meetings

Thank you for offering to set up a meeting. Sounds like several of us new intesters would love to get together. Please let me know when. Looking forward to hearing about the plans. Thanks, Beverly

Not just interested

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Hello to all,

I wanted to say that I feel strongly about meeting with other people who are trying to get into RE investing. I find myself getting stuck sometimes and it would be quite helpful if there were others in this area who might be experiencing the same thing. Therefore, I am not just interested in having meetings here in AZ, but feel it is very important. I am in the Success Academy but not an EDGE member. However, I still want to participate in whatever AZ meetings may take place. Please keep me informed.

Foreclosures for $26,900 includes rehab

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Cashflow $450-$650 per month. Or flip and sell for $90,000 with 15 year note at 10% int. $500 per month cashflow. Help families get into homes for $500 per month and own them after 15 years.
If you would like more info click on my name and send me a private message.

Land Trust and LLC

What would you recommend me to use for my first REI ? I am a small investor that would like to buy my first REO, fix it and refinance it to get cash to buy another property for rental as well. I eventually would like to buy a property for myself and the wife to live into (we are renting a small 1br right now). To protect myself from greedy tenants, what would you recommend as a liability shield in Arizona? A land Trust owned by an LLC or just an LLC ? How much does it cost on average to set up such a thing?

Very Intrested

Hello I'm Looking foward to meeting with all of you! I'm new obviously just read the latest book Profit Now. please email me with a future meeting date. Thank you! sincerly tadeo

any new meetings

Hello Tadeo again would like to meet any existing members of the DG family or attend any meetings please email me at

Hello fellow Arizonians

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Hi my name is Javron and I would love to get together and have meetings, I have a want and a desire to learn about real estate, plse feel free to contact me, 602-663-0975, IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE.

Az meetings

Wow, lot of interest in meetings for the DG students. I am interested as well. Have just joined and am ready to give 100% to making these techniques a success. I am past due to change my life for the better. I need help getting started and want to help others when I'm able. And no, I'm not sitting around waiting for help. I'm moving on with this with very little idea of what I'm doing. An old saying I believe in,
" do something, even if it turns out wrong "
So is a meeting coming together here ? This post is months old. Is this going to happen ?

New to AZ

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to attend the next meeting in AZ (I live in the East Valley) and would like to get more information on the meetup. I am very new to real estate investing, just finished his book (twice)and want to get started while all the information is still fresh. Can someone please help me??


Mrs. Jetanii

meeting is set

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randallaz and TANIIBOO, there is a meeting set for Jan 22 at 7 PM. It will be at my home in North Phoenix (I17 and Carefree Hwy) PM me if you are interested and would like more information.

Al Christmann

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