Welcome everyone in Arizona who wants to take advantage of our combined knowledge and experience. Dont be afraid to ask anything, we are here to help and to get help, so feel free to share your experiences and ask for assistance. Good luck with all your investments.


Elena M's picture

Welcome to the DG family, we're glad to have you join us. There are a few of us Zonans that are trying to get a group of DG investors together to network, brainstorm and even do deals together. Al Christmann started the group. If you'd like to join us, please let him know and we will inform you when the next meeting of the minds will be. Eye-wink
Glad to have another Arizonan here!!

God bless you,

Did you ever set up meetings in AZ?

Also, is a finder's fee legal in AZ? Thanks


I remember you from the book, and I'm pretty sure you're in Tucson, right? Well, I'm a teacher, and just finished with school. I'm interested in getting started, but don't really know what to do first. Let me know if you'd be willing to help. Thanks!
Go Cats!


Do I have to live in Arizona to join this REI club? I live in California but we are looking to purchase in Arizona

I am interested in joining

I am interested in joining other DG's. I came on board in July 09 I am in east Mesa. I am working hard to get everything set up for my business.How do I join you?

Email me directly

bluesummerventures's picture

You can email me directly at
Just say you are from DG website.

Room for Another

I am in the DG family and currently in Dean's Academy. I am interested in getting involved to learn and work with fellow investors. Please let me know time, date and address of your next meeting.




alchristmann's picture

I see Elena has already spoken to you. We are currently setting up a meeting of Arizona members. Would you be interested in joining us? If so, please let me know where you are located and what time and place best suits you for a meeting.

Talk to you soon, Al

joining the group

Hello all,
I am new to DG and am interested in joining the meeting of Arizona members. This would be a great starting point for me, as I have not yet completed the book or my first deal. Hopefully there is a spot for me!

Thanks You,

joining the group.

Hello everyone,

I am new to DG. I picked up the book yesterday and got through a few chapters. I am interested in joining the meetings so I could learn much easier and faster from people that already know what they are doing. I can't wait to finish the book and make my first sell.

Acres in grand canyon area

Just joined, I need help with land investments

can I help?

alchristmann's picture

I am an active investor, and a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Arizona. Contact me if I can help in some way.



Hello Al, My name is Jessica Bainter and I am also new to the DG family and site. I am also wanting to join a group in Tucson so we can get some of us DG family together and mentor each other. I was thinking about getting my real estate license so I can learn that end of the reality business to help me in the investing world. My husband and I are looking for a mentor and of course have many questions as a newbie at this game. you can contact us at skinnydog4@msn.com Thank you. Jessica

joining the group


I am interested in joining the meeting of Arizona members. I feel I could learn the business much easier and faster from people that already know what they are doing.


We would like to join you


My husband and I just joined a couple of weeks ago and are very interested in meeting with the group. We live in Anthem but are will to go where ever you are. Can you let us know where and when?


Glendale props

With the new spring training stadium in Glendale AZ for the white sox and dodgers, do you feel that the home rental market in Glendale for the vacationers is picking up? With cheap property near the stadium, is it profitable to purchase these properties for rentals.

New Member!

Hi! I am a new member to the Graziosi community and would love to be included in any Arizona meetings. Please let me know where and when. Would look forward to meeting with you all!

Helping with contracts

Hay. I joined Deans group 1 2008/Bought a forclosed house last july. It was a good deal. On the market at a good price. Trying to aquire the Iee contracts and disclosure statements, and purchase aggrements,so my next deal wont be out of pocket.Chris,can you help .papadon.

Looking for Investors

Hello all,
My wife and I just created our own business and are looking for investors. We don't have the capital to purchase yet so we are willing to do the leg work to assign contracts or earn finders fees. We are looking forward to meeting with anyone who is interested.

20% Down

I recently spoke to a Mortgage Broker who stated all banks are requiring 20% down for investment properties. Any loopholes out there or ideas on getting around putting 20% down on an investment property?

Joining the group

Hello ,

Al Chistmann

I am new to DG and am interested in joining the meetings of Az members.This would be a great starting point for me. Hopefully there is a spot for me.As I have not yet completed the course.I live in Flagstaff.Please let me know where you are located and what time and place best suits you for a meeting.

Thank you


I am new to this group and am looking at investment properties right now near and around ASU. I will probably be looking to purchase at least 2 properties and would be willing to pay finder's fee or assignment of property, whichever you prefer.
Lee Jon


Hi Lee Jon,

Welcome to the group! I have some leads on properties around ASU. PM me and let me know what you are looking for, SF, town Home, how many beds/baths sqft. and we can go from there.


Starting Investor

marc.gonzales's picture

I am a starting investor in the East Valley and would like to attend any future meetings. How would I find out when and were so I can participate?

Thank you
Marc Gonzales

Willing To Set Up Group Meetings

Hi, I would be willing to set up group meetings if anyone has interest in attending. I have access to a meeting room and would love to share stories and ideas. Maybe we could all help one another get going quicker and share success.

The location is Scottsdale at the 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. or Raintree exits

Thanks, Brenda

You can email me at my personal email: azbrendar@msn.com, note: Interest in Investor Meeting

Interest in Inestor Meeting

Hi Brenda,

I am wondering if you have set up any meetings yet? I would love to help you coordinate anything if you need any help!! Organizing is my speciality!!! I just moved here from Northern California & am trying to jump in real estate investing ASAP. Any help or information you would be willing to help me with would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Don't forget I woudl love to help out with the meetings as well.

Warm Regards,



alchristmann's picture

Brenda, I have done a poor job of setting up meetings. There have been a number of people interested. I would love for you to organize this. You can call me at 602-410-5292 if you need any info. Thanks for your interest.


Any future meetings

ZellnerInc's picture

I am a starting investor in the North Valley and Flagstaff would like to attend any future meetings. How would I find out when and were so I can participate?
Thanks Mark

Any Future Meetings

billziccardi's picture

Where and when do these take place in AZ?

Let's Make it Happen!

bombercpa's picture

Hi everybody.

I'm pretty new to the DG family but love the support I already get from this website. I look forward to working with as many of you all as possible. I think organizing meetings would be great. In fact, I just started a thread in the EDGE forum called "EDGE - AZ" which is essentially the thought of organizing a group of all the EDGE members in AZ.

I'm a pretty busy guy just like most of you but I do want to try and help. I figure in order to succeed, you have to make all the sacrifices that are necessary. So, Al / Brenda.... Has anything progressed on getting something organized. Let's see if we can make it happen.

Thanks and I hope we can all meet soon. If your an Edge member, check out the forum thread / topic!

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