Hand Holding REI program

Hand Holding REI program

Hi everybody.

I was contacted by a program who marketed themselves as affiliates of the Dean Graziosi program. They said
they contacted me because "Dean" was looking to find people who could seriously benefit from "hand holding" and their success stories would be used in Dean upcoming promotional project.

By the time we get off the phone, I understand that they would be willing to provide a personal coach for a "fee".

Why I write: I am just being suckered by another program? Have any of you had experiences with something like this? I know the are other tools that you can add to the BAREM program but is my despiration for sucess misleading me?

What are your thoughts/opinions?



~Have Happy Dayz


I would check out ANY company before I signed up with them. See what kind of guarantee they offer, check their success rate and see if they have any complaints filed with the BBB. As anything, do your due dilligence.

Good luck and God bless,


Cool Elena Cool
Psalms 118:23 "This is the LORD's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."

Dean does have a coaching

Dean does have a coaching program and I also received a call from them when I purchased the book but I can not say if that is the same program that called you. Like Elena said do your research. You can try calling the customer service number to verify whether or not it was Dean's team that called you or not.

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