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I am 25 years old and have been seriously considering investing in real estate for quite some time now.I even attended a construction school - in anticipation that one day I could use those skills as an investor. I have poor credit and 15 dollars to my name. I spent my last bit of saving on Dean's book/program. I was always convinced that I had to have good credit and the 10% down payment before this would ever become possible.

This book has truly given me hope (and I have bought and been swindled by countless other programs).

I have spent the last 4 or 5 years getting my "feet wet" (without any success) and I am ready to jump now. I was skeptical and watched Dean's infomercial twice before taking the leap.

I wouldn't mind being rich but the truth is I just want 4 main goals achieved:

1. I want to make sure my mother owns a home before we part...
2. I want to be debt free
3. I want to help my mom to be debt free
4. I want to stop sharing (borrowing) her car.

The second I have these 4 goals realized, I will be rich. Anything beyond that is ... Gravy.

Investing in real estate (lol), swimming, reading, traveling (which I've never done), and construction.

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Hi, Tamzen.

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In response to PM.

I am impressed with your letter! It sure would make me, if I were an agent, give you a second thought.
If they know you are serious, especially if you can find an investor to give you a letter stating that they have cash to invest, agents right now would be crazy not to listen. I know the realtors in my area are coming to ME with deals and suggestions now that they know not only am I buying for myself, but have other investors I'm looking for too. It really makes a difference when they know you're serious.

Hey, welcome to the DG family. Smiling
You're ready to jump-start your REI career, we're ready to stand behind you! We wish you all the best!!!


I found out some VERY

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weird, but interesting information about your "possible" deal here, so let me cut to the chase and tell you what i think: The thing that i thought was wierd was, their is like NO information on the COMPS that were SOLD from NOW to 1 year ago, they listed the SOLD price, but nothing else @ ALL, so basically you cant compare this property to anything else that SOLD previously, thats weird? Normally an APPRAISER will go by the "COMPARABLE SALES METHOD" for your homes value, but what do you do here? Here's what i would do, back in 2007 miss Janet Corum's property's TAX ASSESSED VALUE was somewhere around $260,000(ISH) and based off the information i WAS able to pull, this property has a FMV of $194,000-$260,000 and i have NO COMPS to go by, and Janet has been sitting on this property FOREVER!, i know which property she SOLD for $150,000 the question is, is it COMPARABLE to this one? For your sake, you better play it safe and make your offer low, especially since you said, there's light rehab work needed, AND i'm assuming you didn't get a contractor's quote yet, right? I personally would get the contractors quote first, and THEN offer like $130,000-$140,000 IF the numbers will support it, hope this HELPS, SULLY

Hi Tamzen

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How you doing with REI? Just wanted to give you a quick hello since your my neighbor in NJ Smiling Keep me informed on your journey to success.

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A.