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Elena M.
Gloucester, VA
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Hi DG Family!

I've been a part of this wonderful DG family for a long time and have met some of the most awesome people. Back then there were only a few of us, now it's grown by leaps and bounds because of Dean and his amazing team. He's the real deal, and the nicest guy in person too! Smiling

I'm a musician first, investor second and mom of three lovely daughters ALL the time... And now I'm a proud Granny of six beautiful grandchildren. Wow!

I've been investing since 2004 and made some SUWEEET cashola in the process! Although I've had a few life changing set backs I'm overcoming and slowly forging ahead one day at a time.

I've read the secret (book is better than the movie), several other law of attraction books as well as Think and Grow Rich and other similar books and I have come to agree that whatever you focus on the most is what you attract to you.

I've spent thousands of dollars on Real Estate Investing courses, books, mentorships, coaching, boot camps and training seminars, including Dean's book (which I read in two days). I have all four of Dean's books and his Think a Little Different (TALD) course in my library now. Everything Dean puts out is top notch quality and full of great content.

I just moved to Virginia with my beautiful daughter and her amazing Military husband. They're expecting their 3rd son and I'm on my next new adventure with them. Let's see where life will take us next!

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I wish you ALL great success!

Close your eyes and just imagine how amazing you'll feel when you get your first big fat check at closing! Knowing that YOU did it, despite the fact that everyone told you it was impossible... It feels AMAZING... Believe it and YOU WILL achieve it!

Yasou! Laughing out loud


Family, Friends, Real Estate, Internet Marketing, Music, Ministry, Computers, networking and helping others!!

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Basic Info

Musician/Real Estate Investor/Proud Mom & Granny
Have Child(ren)
Some College


Welcome Konan

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I can see already that you will be a great asst to this site as wel as the DG family in general.

I am glad to hear your confidence has returned and you are ready to get going again. Lets keep in touch and share info as much as we can so all of us can reach our goals and continue to grow.

Again, welcome.


Hello Anita!

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Thank you Anita, I am honored!
Your friend,


Hey Elena I got something on craigslist here is the info on the house tell me what you think please.
This is a nice 2bd 1 ba 1304 sg ft on large lot no pic yet more info on Zillow.com
25202 52nd Ave E
Graham, WA 98338

For Sale --Owner financing avaliable

And the price is $119950.

And the price is $119950.


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I don't know anything about that area. I think $119,950 is too high for a 2/1. I would offer $99,900, maybe even lower. Contact the owner and see what his hot spots are. Do you have a script you can use or do you know what to ask?
Let me know if you need any help.

No script

I have no script just writ down everything I see on these side so anything will help. I emailed the owner will see what he says must see first but for our area it is a very good price we don't have propertys for less than $200K. Thare is no pics so musst see. These is my first find.


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Make an appointment and go see the house. When you see what condition it's in you can negotiate on price. I'm so happy you found your first find!
Elena ;D


I will keep you posted.

You're welcome

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Good, let me know. I'm rooting for you!


You seem to know what your talking about so let me ask you this. When you made the assignment fee of 17k, did that amount depend on how much the house was selling for or did you just pick that number randomly ? I plan on finding a property by the ending of the week and making my first deal by the end of the month. If I have anymore questions like things to ask the seller or the investor buyer, could you help me if I need it ?

Hey Thanks!

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I knew what the comps were on a house that size in the area, plus I had done some minor upgrading like painting, removing the popcorn ceiling, adding new hardware to the cabinets, a new vanity and refinishing the tub and light fixtures, just minor stuff really. Bottom line is I paid $132,500 and the after upgrades the house was appraised @ $150k so that's a difference of $17k, give or take a few bucks. That's how I came up with my fee. If I hadn't done so much work I probably would have made it lower. The investor understood that and agreed to my price.

Hey MummyE I have a question

Hey MummyE I have a question I looked at yout webside and there was an ad on the Armando Montelongo did you read his book or had his eBooks? By the way I liked your web you need to teach me everythink you know I'm determin to succeed. And did you see my new wings.

Hi Lilie dear!

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Yes, I ordered his book, it's on the way. I have a video from him called fear-to-success and I'm one of his affiliates. I like him alot he's very real and like Dean he's helping his students to become successful. Thank you, I would be happy to help you with a website. Congratulations on your wings! I got some too, whoo hoo!
Your determination shows with all your great work. I'm so proud of you, I know it won't be long now...
Momma E Laughing out loud

Congrets on your wings they

Congrets on your wings they look good on you. Ha ha talk to you tomorrow.


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Your silly! Congrats to us both, now we can fly... Ha Ha!

I like that. "Now we can

I like that. "Now we can fly".

Now that we can fly...

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Let's soar high above like Eagles!!

I have a moment of petty for

I have a moment of petty for myself right now have no wish to fly. I'm having talk with myself to get out of the root.


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You're doing great, don't be sad.

It is not REI that make me

It is not REI that make me sad.


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Ok, well I'm glad to hear that. I will pray for you and if you need to talk I'm here.


hi.My name is nikki read your profile and though u been in some tuff times i'm glad u decided to get back into investing. This is my second time on this site and have not been able to post questions. please help. thanx nikki from philly.

What you up to.

Hey MammaE where did you go?


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I see that you live in Arizona. A few minutes ago on the World News Tonight I saw that Arizona has the highest rate of foreclosures in the USA. Overall there are 48% more foreclosures in the USA than there were last year at this time.

Hey Sis,

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I believe it! Oh well that just means more good deals for me... LOL!

What's up Elena M!

I have been trying to get together with as many people from this site that I can. I want to learn from as many people as I can. I had posted in one of these forums that I am a person who wants to know everything their is about simple real estate and some have questioned that motive saying no one can know everything about real estate but thats my goal. I know their is always something new to learn and thats why its hard to learn everything but I just want to be completed in what I do. So after saying all of this, I wanted to know if their is way we could meet to talk so I can gain more knowledge from you and how you deal with real estate and your methods. If this is possible just send me a PM so we can work something out. Thanks and take care.


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Welcome to the DG family! We look forward to sharing your REI journey with you. I'd be happy to meet you, my time is pretty limited right now, if nothing else we can talk on the phone.... PM me and let me know you're schedule.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Elena Laughing out loud


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Hi Nikki,
I apologize for not getting back to you. I was still learning the site myself back then and missed a few pms. If you still need help please let me know, I'd be happy to assist you. I hope you're still with us.
God bless,
Elena Laughing out loud


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Couldn't sleep the other night and saw Dean's infomercial...bought the book...got his e-mail yesterday and started reading forums today (won't get the book for 2-4 wks but couldn't wait)...FASCINATED with the Forums concept and all the great real life people sharing their hopes & dreams...read all three (2 being the longest) beginner blogs and appreciated Sully's practical advice and your sage karma/spirit...only been at this a few hours but just noticed you were one of the 8 folks still online and wanted to say THANKS for your spirit...clearly you are a person of character that truly loves their children...wib

My Assistant (Elena)

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Have you purchase properties via auctions? There are a couple of good houses in an auction coming up. Real Estate Disposition Corporation (REDC) is the company that is doing the auction. The starting bit will start @ $1000.00, you think it would be go to it? Let me know...

Daniel Washburn, APRP, ACA

Hey Boss!!

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Ha Ha! It's funny you should mention that, I'm going to the one in Sept. I will try to have a proof of funds letter drawn up so if I do find one I can bid on it. I'll let you know how it goes. Smiling

Me Too!

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I'm going to on in Sept. also... You dont live in Florida right? Yeah, I'll have to do the same with the letter, b.c. I don't have any funds for my LLC LoL but I'll work something out!


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I'm in Arizona, they'll be here too! I'm going to use hard money lender probably, but I have to have a buyer lined up.

Got Ya!

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Well Good Luck! If it the price is right then i'll probably keep it and just rent it out. I'm going to inspect them probably in a week or two.

Good luck to you too!

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Let me know how you make out with that. I'll do the same! ;D

Will Do!

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Have a great night, I'll be up for awhile (Darn FAY) but dont stay up late! Smiling


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It's only 9:30 here, I'll be up til midnight at least. ;D
Have a great evening too!!


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Well It's 1238 here, but i'll be up all night probably Sad Have you used D&B?

Oh gosh,

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Yes, I'm in the process of getting my d & b number right now.


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Nice, Have you used them before? or is this your first time using them?

First time

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I assume you've used them for one or all of your businesses? How long before you get your number do you know?


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I have not using them, I did it the old way, using CC's and paying on time. My number should be here 7-10 business days (Maybe later due to this storm). I only created one business that really needed CREDIT and that is the lawn service. Marketing Firm didn't need credit to do business, and Plumbing company has been in business since 1956. Its a family business, and they needed to have a vaild plumbing license to do business so I got my license and they are using it. The RE firm I want to get credit for this firm so I don't have to use my own money! Sorry for the book! Smiling I'm A Young Business Man Smiling

Wow, I'm so out of touch!

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I don't watch the news, but I just saw the weather report and saw that hurricane 'FAY' is headed toward FL. I was wondering what you meant, geez what a maroon! I'm sorry to hear that it's coming your way, no wonder you're not going to sleep. I'll keep you in my prayers as well as any other rei's in FL. Did d&b try to upsell you or did you get your number for free? No, problem Mr. young business man... LOL! I think that's great!!


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Well Its already going past me. We have about 35-55 MPH winds. I haven't tried to get a # from DnB. When I click the link, its has an error. Yeah, Retire VERY early Smiling

Gotta repect that!

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I wish I has started at a younger age. My plan is to retire within the next 3 to 5 years tops. Good for you and I'm glad the storm has already past you! Laughing out loud

I'm Glad

DWashburn's picture

that I started early Smiling Retire around 45-50

Good for you!

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That's my goal too. Eye-wink


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Hey There! I'm working on a couple of deals, I'm getting excited. I have located four houses that are worth between 40k-50k more then what I'm getting them for. I will probably get two houses in the next couple of months. I dont know if I'm going to selling them or if i'm going to rent them out. But I hope everything is well with you!

Awesome Boss!

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Glad to hear things are going swimmingly for you. I had another set back today, but will overcome this and keep moving ahead. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. ;D


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was your set back? Hope nothing to big!