Anyone use Adwords to get people to their site?

Anyone use Adwords to get people to their site?

I'm thinking about trying Adwords to get mores leads to my AFF site. Anyone doing that?


Yes, I use them. They work

Yes, I use them. They work well for getting leads. Just make sure you do "local" adwords. Then your ads will only display and cost money for people who are in your local area instead of all over the world.

If you live a big metropolitan area you might get more visitors than you can handle with them. Lots of people are searching for foreclosure options.

More info please...

Can either of you explain adwords a little more? I have heard the term and am vaguely familiar with the concept, but how do they work exactly and where do you get started with them?

Also, for you guys that are already using the AFF program. How's that working so far? How long have you been using it? Thanks for the help.


Is basically an advertising service offered by google that takes key words that are relevant to what your advertising ie..short sales, distressed, ect...and when these words are searched your ad will appear as an ad on their site. You pay per click and they track all of the traffic on each word to allow you to view what is providing you the most clicks. Once people click on your ad, it will lead them to your AFF Site.


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here is something 4 u 2 think about!!

Went to a seminor about advertising your company and the interesting thing was you can use misspelled the words on your adwords! there were something like 8 million hits on misspelled words. So look at all the extra hits you would have. Just something that makes you say mmmmmmmmmmm

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