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Jeff Finlay
SW Michigan
About Me: 

A former "factory rat". I am pursuing real estate in many forms. My partners and I are currently working wholesale, short sale, and starting on commercial deals. Starting to invest with my retirement money (self-directed Roth IRA) now too - that's so cool!

I enjoy spending time with my family, church, and doing what I can to grow and improve daily!

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Real Estate Solutions provider/homeowner advocate
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You are working your way up the list very quickly by participating in all the topics. You must be very determined! Good for you.

Nice to meet you and I look forward to working with you.
Be prepared; I will be picking your brain whenever I can!


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Nice to meet you too. Thanks for the kudos. I've noticed that you're doing the same yourself. I seem to see your name on a lot of topics here lately.

I am very determined, and I am glad to help with anything I can. I'm enjoying sharing and learning at the same time with all of the crew here.


more info.

Hi Jeff,

Call David he will give you more details. He is doing good so far with me paying me referral fees. His number is 414-322-9119. Let him know that Shonda referred you.

He said you can come look at the place also.


Thanks Shonda

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I have to find out if that's where my friends are moving for sure. If they're heading that way I will probably just pass along the info to them in this case. We'll see, but I appreciate you passing David's info along.


Realtor/Investor Group

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I joined the group you started, and was going to post a message. I could not determine how to do that.

I am originally from Western Michigan, and I lived in South West Michigan for a few years before moving west. I was wondering where you are located. I lived in Watervliet.


Hi Al...

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Nice to meet you, Al. Sorry for the challenge with the group posting. It should be working now.

As for me, I'm originally from the Kalamazoo/Mattawan area. Now I live farther south in the greater Sturgis area.

Do you still have family or friends in the area? Ever make it back out this way? Where are you at now?


Ok, I got smart and

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Ok, I got smart and remembered that I could look at your profile to see where you're at now. Smiling

How's the weather out in AZ?


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I enjoy Arizona from October to May. Then it gets hot. I own a piece of property in Oceana county (Hart/Shelby area). I have a Christmas tree farm there. I usually get back every spring to plant trees. My wife's family lives in Benton Harbor area, so we always stop there for a visit. I don't miss the snow, you don't have to shovel sunshine. I am considering buying some properties in SW Michigan, and thought you might want to partner in some if you were still in that area.

Good Luck, Al

Comfortable here

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The weather's nice out here right now, but I agree I wouldn't miss the shoveling part in the winter.

Sounds like you'd be anywhere from 1-2.5 hrs away when you're out here. Give me a heads up when you're going to be out next and maybe we could work something out. Any particular type of properties you're interested in?

property type

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I have a nephew who does remodel work in Benton Harbor area. I have two brothers-in-law that are electricians. I was thinking of purchasing some distressed properties, fixing them, then flipping or renting them. I know that area is pretty depressed right now, and I have not yet researched the best way to cash out.


Very Interested

Hello! This is Koko.
I am fairly new to this site and very impressed with the exciting and encouraging comments posted on the blogs. I live in Gary, In and as may people know there is a lot of poverty in this area. However, I feel that anything is possible with hard work and determination. I saw that you are looking for an apprentice from my area. Well search no longer. I am willing and ready to absorb whatever knowledge and advice you can offer from your own experience. Just give me the chance to show you that "there's more than corn in Indiana". I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hi Koko

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I like your determination. I will be up front with you that I don't have much experience yet, but feel like I have the right people/resources in place to help me out.

I am currently working on 6 short sale properties w/ a partner. They are actually in the South Bend area. Do you have any particular strategies that you want to learn how to do or focus on?

I haven't been on here that much lately just because of time. You'll have a better chance of catching me on my regular email. Send me a private message with your email if you want.

Bay Area

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Jeff, I
m from the Bay Area in Cal. I am new to the site as well as startign out with Deans AFF program. If you need any assistance out this way let me know. I love to Network

Sub Division Deal

Hello Jeff,

If you have someone thats interested in this deal, can you please email me or give me your email so I can send you more detailed information. My email is brian.bramer@****.


Short Sales

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Hey Jeff, hey how are you? Just wanted to know how your short sale investing is going? I am just now starting to get in this side of the business with another investor and we are partnering and splitting the profits but we are dealing in high end real estate of $500K and above. Let me know how this part of real estate is going for you?

Short Sales

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Hey Bryant. I am great! How are you doing? Our short sales are going well so far. I have 2 partners (and actually more) that I am working with, so I can appreciate the whole partner thing. We are doing well. Between my 2 partners and I we have closed 12/20 short sale deals that we have been involved with so far. We have some new things in place though that I think is going to make that ratio even higher yet. We are not solely dealing with high end stuff (not real feasible in our market), but plan to get into that and also commercial short sales down the road here a little. How are things going in your business down there? Thanks for saying hey, and checking in with me. Have a great week!

short sales

Hey Jeff,
I'm brand new to this short sale thing and very intimidated. I have a real estate license and a friend in an office to refer this whole thing to but I want to do this transaction the Dean Graziosi way.
I haven't got all the specifics as yet but will this week. Can you help me with this? I can be your long distance partner. I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. There are tons of foreclosures here in an overpriced market.
Please call me if you'd be interested in working with me or if not who I could work with.
Thanks! Gary Ralston

West side of Michigan as well

So glad to see people here in Michigan, thought I was the only one. I am working on getting into doing assignment deals. Would really like to hear how you are doing with this here in Michigan,we can all use all the highlights we can get. Will be looking forward to hearing from you and what deals you are doing.

Have a great day