New Forum: Start Your Journal Here - Read First

New Forum: Start Your Journal Here - Read First

Rina's journal prompted a new forum section where every member can start a journal to document your progress and get feedback on your activities and strategies from other members.

You can add to it as frequently or infrequently as you like, with as little or as much info you want to post.

By keeping a journal you will not only be able to reflect on your own progress in REI, you will be able to see things ideas or strategies that aren't panning out and should be modified, and focus on those that are.

You will also be able to get insight and perspectives from others in a light you may not have considered.

Anyone can start a journal here, from the prospective investor who just got interested to the most seasoned pro.

If you are new member, maybe start with the basics:
"Today I got Dean's book and have read through page X. So far, reassigns sound like the most interesting start due to the low risk and little capital needed."

Then add you go.

Keeping a journal will both instill discipline and continuous action to move forward, the two key ingredients that most people who give up never achieve.

We all look forward to following your progress, trials and triumphs!


PS: Thanks for setting this in motion Rina!



I got so motivated by the blogs and the real live stories in this website

I had access to Deans and Matts best tequniques on a product called "30 days real estate cash" ... the 30 days to cash book changed my life, you have to get it! I learn the principles of "WHOLE SALE"


My journey starts here...

thanks for reading

Roman Llanos


Roman Llanos Falcon


Today I looked at 3 properties with a lot of equaty... I also called the advisory line to ask questions on how to make the offer... having two jobs makes RE a challange... I set my self a goal to try to follow the 25-1 to make sure the profit is good enough... thanks INNER CIRCLE TEAM! AND MATT


Roman Llanos Falcon


I just want everyone to know that since I started in this business in January this year I have had a lot if fun learning the business. I am right now put together a proposal in the amount of $1.2 mil to purchase 30 different properties. I have sent out to various hard money lenders for the financing of this deal. When it goes through all involved will make a good deal of profit. At times I have wondered what I was doing in this business but then something like this comes along and I get re=excited about what I have chosen to do. It is a lot more satisfying that getting up every day and going into work for 8 to 10 hours and still living from paycheck to paycheck. I wish all involved in this business success tis year. There is a saying that I have adopted for my life and it is.
"Life in not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" George Bernard Shaw.

A Brand New Start

After being introduced to REI in Sept 2012 from a "3 Day Workshop" Dean had and putting in as much time as possible into learning all I could, I am happy to say I went for my first deal today and GOT IT!!! I can't express enough how good it feels! I'm sure I may have left something out (another contract for seller to sign,etc.), but I just went for it. I'm so proud of myself.
My exit strategy is to Buy Property and then double close with interested buyer. I'm about to post my new deal on craigslist and other websites to draw in buyers. However, I may already have one. But to be on the safe side I'm posting my deal to get it over with as soon as possible. After posting and faxing over signed documents to my attorney on Monday I'll be going after my next prospect.
Got seller to except $1.00 in earnest money. Will get key to house on Monday so I can first get contractors or handyman to give me a "free estimate" on how much they think it's going to cost to rehab. To me it only needs a little cosmetic work (I'm guessing no more than $5,000) and then get potential buyers who are interested.
My main problem or should I say worry is making sure my offer is justified. I agreed to buy at $25,000 and advised her that my investor will be buying from me possibly at $40,000. Did I do this right? I don't know but I'll keep going with this till done.


When u fall down just dust yourself off and get back up

Brand New Investor- virginia

I just want to let everyone know I started this business about a month ago, and attended the BOG training in Sept. 5, 2013. It had been 2 weeks already, lot of information to digest. Since the training, I got lot of bank own property sent over to me by my agent, I thought I could do some wholesaling to by end buyer (meet buyer criteria), and personally went look at the property, then it turned out to be an Homepath, putting me on a complete stop.
I also got a lead from the "we buy houses", they have the property that meet my buyer criteria, and I proposed to bring in the end buyer if they consider signed an bird dog agreement with me. They offer me $1k for finder fee to bring in end buyer, I sent my bird dog agreement to them (since they don't have one). just got back their respond and my credibility got effected because of the way I worded on the agreement. Got it fix, resent and hope to clear it out, so I don't sound like a greedy investor (only benefit me). sorry everyone.
I also put in an offer on a town homes property @ $55k, the listing price is $ 90K suspected might be too much,the property sold for is $90k, needed ceiling, appliances,floor,paint, wall patched,baths needed to reglaze and vanity and toilets need to be replace, and a new air condition unit. The rental is $950-$1050/m
It meet buyer criteria but not sure if they want to fix and sell or fix and hold. Still wait for seller respond,tomorrow will be 1 week. Agent suggested offer come in @$70k base on her knowledge and experiences, she a little unhappy but still do it @55k with suggested to waived all inspection and closing cost. offer denied, still stick to what is taught. don't know if I offended the buyer (my intention is not). anyway, if anyone end up reading my post, I'm all open to your expertise and advises, help me..

Working through the forest

My daughter and I embarked on this adventure about 3 months ago now. We are scared, overwhelmed and frustrated. Although we understand that it takes money to start a business, we really need to pay off some of the debt already accrued so that we can continue moving forward. We're diligently pursing every aspect of the learning process and putting it to work the best that we know how. I'm working my way through Dean's book and am looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. The information available keeps coming at us from all angles and while trying to balance the rest of life on the threads of our new business can be very frustrating. We have an awesome list of buyers, but it seems that in our area all of investors have already made declined offers lower than what we figured on the properties we have found. Another obstacle is when we do get an offer accepted, we don't have the money to put down for the option fee and/or the earnest money. Can anyone give us any advise to assist us keeping the ball rolling. Thank you in advance and we really look forward to not only sharing our success stories but hearing about everyone else's as well.

new at this

Just finishing up my homework form a book. My husband and I went to a one day class and recieved some books. Dont have the money at this time to take the 3 day class. We are working on that. We are reading Deans book and doing what it says. We have done our WHY and set some goals. One of our goals is that we can be like the lady that was in the one day class. We want to be able to tell people that this is great and works. Have some closings done to prove it to the naysayers.



lost the last thing i wrote

dont know how to start a journal and dont know what happened to the last thing that i thought was a journal

not to worry

Cathy, i have done 3 deals, 2 wholesale deals and one bird dog deal, so I wld say keep reading the book, keep making offers every day, double check with your buyers what they want exactly and keep making offers on props they want making sure to leave enough profit for the investor. they buyers sometimes will tell you they want lower priced prop's but in reality they are buying higher priced props because they want to get lower prices and are hoping you can find them lower, but they will take higher.

Just keep going dont give up and as far as earnest money you usually have 48 hrs-1 week to put that in, so what you do is send the prop to your buyers and when one of them wants your prop then have them pay the emd, and also in a lot of cases you can proceed without putting the earnest money in and still have the deal locked up, sometimes not but a lot of times you can. Tell them the check is in the mail for the earnest money, dont let on that you dont hve it ok and that's only for MLS props for off market deals only put $1.00 for earnest or $10.00 that's what we put, so dont' sweat it ok. hope it helps



Go faster do more! GFDM!

stx55rei aka Stan's Journal

I'm a verrrrry slow starter!I have read two of Deans books and now I'm in the Success Academy and I was ready to give up ,Thanks to the success academy I didnt .I finely starting to go out and meet people and call Agents again .And to day I have two agents who are as excited as I am and are willing to work with me,both agents kept me on the phone telling me all the things they can do for me.I cant believe how easy it was .Never thank you cant do something. Now I know to just DO IT :Thank you Dean.



Day one of my Journal

First of all let me start off by saying,Lord knows why its taken this long for me to start a journal. I certainly don't. With that being said,I'm going to start out by saying wholesaling is my strategy at this time. I have read a few of Dean's books the latest is 30 days Fast Start. I've read whatever I could about wholesaling off the internet. Joined a few social media networks to put myself out there. Local REI networks are not a option in Monroe MI. So I have to network further out in MI and OH. While I build my power team around me, I'm looking for my first deal. My dilemma is building a cash buyers list and earnest money. POF is not a issue. Until next time!!!

here it goes......

Here it goes..... I have for the longest purchased Dean's material ex: be a real estate millionaire a few years ago, sitting on the sideline,but no more ! I received profit from real estate in 30 days,and having read it from start to finished clarified the steps needed. I am a person who prefers structure and a systematic approach so that will be my blueprint to follow. But I went to the seminar here in NYC a little before hurricane sandy occurred and I happen to come in contact with someone who wanted to partner up with me. I (being a licensed real estate agent at that) approached it as casual and dismissive boy why did I do that! We started out fast from the gate we went to the Bronx county courthouse and met cash investors who were not only interested but engaging us with serious consideration. One so that happened to be my aunt's very own landlord who we have excellent communication as tenant to owner then sandy occurred and took the wind out of my sails add to that my partner did not come up with his monetary commitment so we can create an L.L.C. And acquire the proper paperwork to move along in accordance with the law (as I stated earlier I am systematic in my approach) but I digress then my co worker (I also work as a security guard for an office building) told me of a legal service who can address my legal concerns regarding business can you see how life will redirect you to your life's passion? Add to this I got an increase to my credit card limit plus the profit from real estate in 30 days and students secrets I just received coupled with the company benefits I get on car rentals hotels flights and so on..... That today it hit me really hard I was my biggest naysayer I was getting in my own way I make this journal entry not only for myself but in hopes that others realize the moment you say yes to yourself life will push the momentum to get things you need and and have you on the road to your own personal success story....
As Dean says " if your not climbing your sliding" (hope I quoted him correctly) taking a step is better then looking at the ladder of my success.....


Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Our Heart's Desire must be nurtured by our mind,to give birth to common sense, that will enable us to seek out the path less traveled, with the greatest Personal Growth. -J.R.-

New to Real Estate Investment

Today I made a decision to make 2015 my year in real estate, as of now I'm not working but will not except any job from this day forward, why work 9 to 5 for someone else just to say you have a job, and not happy. I'm a hard working person and willing to put in overtime to learn to become the best I can in real estate. I have in the pass did real estate loans prior to the market crash, still do have my real estate license and it's active. Dean's book I have read through page 95 so far, wholesaling sound like the most interesting start due to no money out of pocket for me to start.

you can tell im new

i am just now figuring out this is where my journal is supposed to be ha. i posted in the my deals forum probly to the disdain of all the typos and double entries...sorry folks.i wont bore you with any more other than to say to every one of you to hang in there keep trying and learning. godspeed to you all.



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