Southern Investment Group

There are many opportunities all over th country but this group is for the investors that would like to take advantage of the low home prices in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Buying smaller homes there for 7K - 60K dollars in bulk, meaning closing on more than two at a time. They may not be the homes you can get in California or Colorado but they still have lots of value for those where they are located, especially when you consider the up and coming NEW industries to the areas. Like the Casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, FEMA residents still living in trailers, the new CAR PLANT coming to Mobile, AL, the Nascar Affiliate track they are also building there and the Carnival Cruise lines that use the Mobile Bay as a home port.
The opportunity is there and I want to find the investors that are looking to put their money to work in a massive way. Yes, the homes will more than likely need repair, but we will find values that when repaired will give us a return on our investment.
Join me if this interest you. When requesting to join please clearly state your interest. I am not looking for voyeurs I am looking for those that want to take action.

We Buy and Sell Nationally - Bring Us Deals or Join Our Empire!!!

My name is Mark Walker, acquisition manager for Castlefield Development, LLC. We’re a Real Estate Investment firm. Due to the current economic conditions, Castlefield Development, LLC, has ramped up its existing operations. We currently have Funds for 20M Residential and 35M for Commercial and a large number of Private Investor Firms ready to buy.
x.1202 Investors Join our Team
x.1803 Sellers and Agents
x.1001 Facing Foreclosure
x.2211 Agents Join our Team

Handyman Specials - CASH only (buy one or all) - starting at just over $3K

We have supply again (for everybody who missed out the last time around):

Handyman Specials - CA$H only - Buy ONE or all.... (direct buyers only)

206 houses (nationwide)
package price $878K

Individual houses range in price from $3,100 to just under $20K.

Please, contact me as soon as possible.... they usually go FAST!

Best regards,
Conny Wolfram

connywolfram at yahoo

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BULK DEAL! 38 houses @ $6500.00 each

I have come across a WOW deal!

I have a bulk deal available NOW - must be able to close in 10 days or less.

38 SFR - Kansas City, Mo $6500.00 each for a total of $247,000.00

Reply to this message with contact info.


I will not send info out to "lookers" I simly do not have time for it. When responding prepare to have this info availbe upon contact.

1. Proof of Funds Letter with contact info from lender

2. Webiste/Email or reference from previous deal
(if applicable)

3. If CASH - then contact info for bank to verify fund availablity.

Welcome Chris

I hope you can find others with the same interest here in this group. It is with great hope that the members will eventually end up working on projects together.

If anyone has any deals or are looking for others to work with them please reply to this post so that the group will know what you have been up to.


Hi, my name is Chris and I am a real estate investor from Kennesaw, Ga. I am very interested in taking advantage of the massive amounts of properties available in the South. I am looking for other investors to fund multiple investment properties and, I mean as many as possible. The profit would be incredible. I look forward to hearing from anyone out there who wants to take advantage of this great time in history.

Investing in New Orleans

Hi guys, first and foremost I hope I am posting this in the right place. I recently moved to the New Orleans area and from what i have seen, I believe that there are great real estate investment opportunities here. However, i am very nervous, I have never invested in real estate before, i don't have ready cash to invest and i am worried about the right area to invest in terms of flooding. I would greatly appreciate any assistance and or advice that any one can offer.

Thank you


Foreclosures Finally On Rise In Alabama

For those interested in the southern states, I was just informed that the month of August had more foreclosures than the entire last year in Mobile, AL.

Te taxes there are really low and your can purchase property there for taxes year round. So ergo, if the property is in foreclosure I am sure the taxes are more than likely DUE. And we all know tax liens take precedent over the mortgage lien. So consider stepping in there and buying up some tax liens on these properties. Great investments, great properties (especially the beach fronts) and great time to do it.

*NEW* Alabama Opportunites

Hi guys

I think I posted this earlier in the wrong place so here it is. I have a new listing of properties located in Mobile, AL for under 50K. If you would like it please send me an email anitarny@****.

Also please post if you have something yourselves or are looking for something.

Mobile, AL housing market strong

Area among national leaders in home price appreciation over past 12 months
Friday, May 23, 2008
Real Estate Editor

Home prices are falling across much of the country, but Mobile saw a 1.63 percent increase in home values in the first quarter of 2008, according to a report issued Thursday.

Over the last year, house prices are up more than 6.7 percent in Mobile County, making the city among the nation's top 10 metropolitan areas in terms of price appreciation, according to the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight in Washington, D.C.


I just put in two offers on 2 4-plex units in Mobile. 150K for both. Thats 8 2/1 units with rents around 600.00, renter paid utilities except H2O. They sit side by side and if anyone is interested let me know. Investment/Equity partners always welcome.

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