Milwaukee, WI-Good Deal for Investers

Milwaukee, WI-Good Deal for Investers

Any invester interesed in a 5 bedroom home, its assessed for $80,000 , sell for $55,000.

Anyone interested?



Do you have any more info?

Do you have any more info? I have some friends that I think are moving out that way.

more information

Yes, call this number 414-322-9119 his name is David, let him know that Shonda referred you. What is your name?



I don't know if I would just post that for everyone. Did you read Joepthebeat's post about the contract deal?


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No, i have not

Thank you i will look at this.


I agree


My name is Jeff. I have to agree with Rina on this one. You don't want the same thing to happen to you that happened to joepthebeat's.

Also, assuming you are wanting to assign this deal, you are going to want to be as helpful in the process as you can. If all you do is pass along the seller's name and # then it's hard to justify your "finder's fee" (especially if it's not under contract). Try to give as much info about the place as you can, so the investor doesn't have too many/any questions left after you present your info. This way all parties will feel better about you getting your piece of the deal. You've helped the seller find the buyer w/o them having to do much if any work. You've done your work to earn the assignment fee. Lastly, the buyer has has their desire for info on the place handled directly with you. Make sense? Hope that helps.

With that you have any more info on the place? Eye-wink

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