New Rules Added

I added a new page to the site with clear and concise website rules so everyone is on the same page with was is and isn't acceptable on the site.

If you haven't read them, please do so now. We've had some problems with shameless advertising on the site. Please do me a favor, any time you see any post that breaks the rules, please use the "Flag as Offensive" or "Flag Abuse" buttons, especially with advertising.

It will create a report to me instantly so I can take care of it. Don't worry, you won't be seen as snitch, no one will know except me. 100% confidential. Smiling

With your help we can help keep things nice and organized and free of spam and clutter.



pdmoua's picture

Good looking out. Laughing out loud


reinvestor42's picture

we need to be able to flag, blogs and bio's

What Mike said...

Mark K's picture

Most of the spammers are aware of what can & can't be publicly removed.
Need to give us the same capabilities in blogs, bio's and even classifieds. I got boots & don't need purses. Eye-wink

Thanks Dean, It is on fun

DebraAnn's picture

Thanks Dean,
It is on fun dealing with spamming. Thaks you for the protections that you give is.

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