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You asked for a bio this just might be the miracle I asked Godfo

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Hi Dean,

This just might be the Miracle I was asking God for.

There are two reasons that I need to learn about real estate 1.) My father is 82 and I want to help him in the family business so he can relax and enjoy life alittle.

I want to be a real estate investor so that I can have time to do what I feel I am called to do. I work with at risk kids and really enjoy that volunteer work. But I do need to pay my bills. I am also a Chaplain and as an investor I could go where ever God needs me to go to help in times of crises in different parts of the world.

If someone were to ask me who are you I would tell them I am God's little servant girl and I want to go were ever God needs me to help people the most, I will go if I have the resources to get there.

Going where others would be afraid to go because that is when you can see God in action and you see miracles every where.

But when you don't even have the gas in your own home town, money to go to church or do ministry how can you serve God? I know I am a citizen of Heaven and I am only a visitor here, at the same time if I can not afford to pay my own bills and don't even have enough money to go to chruch or serve God why am I even here?

Without a real job for almost 10 years I gave up the fight and just said God either straiten out this financial situation out or take me home also If I cant pay my bills and don't even have gas money to server you I don't belong here any more.

please fix this mess or take me home as in Heaven I don,t need money in heaven to serve you. I only need a willing heart and I have that, so please change my situation or take me home.

The next day I got a call from one of your CSR's and I went to a class at the Hilton just down the street from were I live. No joke 2 miles from where I live That is God hearing my cry for help. Sending you as a hand to help me out of the pit of despair I had been living in for 3 years.

The class was a real class I really did learn something in the free one day class and it was not a bunch of hype. Thank you Dean.

So far you have all ready helped me . By taking me from being depressed to the light of hope at the end of the tunnel.

I cant wait to see what God is going to do to change my financial situation through your book and help. If this works for me you will have been God's answer to my prayer for help.

Thank you in advance. I want to start by make enough money to be apart of your academy and pay my bills at the same time. After that I want to make millions. The more I have the more places in the world I can go to serve God. I am really looking forward to going through your book.

Debra Ann

Deans Christmas Present

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Dear Dean,
This Thanksgiving I am so thankful to God for You. In some ways you might even be my angle sent from God to show me that my time on earth is not even close to being finished yet and there is a very bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel I have been going through for years. That bright light is coming from you and what I have already learned and have tried ( I will explain later in the letter) and Dean with your help I know I am almost there.
You have already changed my life from my telling God to please take me home as if I don’t money to buy myself things, I could live with that, but when I do not have the money to serve God, I told God to please just take me home because if I am not serving You, my life has no value here on earth. Just straiten this financial mess out or just take me home.
My exact prayer was Lord Jesus please straighten out my financial life, change my life or just take me home. As if I don’t even have money for gas to go to church or work with the kids at Juvenile Hall or serve You what am I still doing here. In heaven I don’t need money to server you. All I need in heaven is a willing heart and Jesus you know I have that.
I do not know how your CSRs got my phone number but it was perfect timing. The very next day I got a call from one of your CSR and I drilled him about you and the one day seminar was it hype or would I learn anything. He told me about you and how you wanted to help people and you just wanted me to read your books and this seminar would help me to know what you are teaching in the books.
I thought it wouldn’t hurt anything to just go to hear what they are saying and maybe this guy really does want to help people. Maybe I will learn something at the seminar. My father owns an industrial building and one house in Reseda and some property in Fresno California. Dad is now 82 and in poor health and it will all be on my shoulders to take care of both parents in their last years of their life. My only sister is no help and only wants to live in the world of trauma drama as she enjoys playing the victim and is only happy when people feel sorry for her. So I will have to take care of my parents all alone, as my sister only cares about herself and all of herself made trauma drama. The story of my sister could be a whole book but not one worth writing. As I said if anyone is going to take care of my parents it will all be on me. I don’t mind taking care of them I just need help to run the family business, I have begged and pleaded with my dad to teach me about real estate but my father just tells me he is not dead yet and that he can still handle it even though he threatens to sell it because it is too much work for him at his age of 82.
Dean if I lose that property because my father get tired of the business I will have no to way to care for my parents and they would end up in an old folks home and I would end up on the street. I have been praying for God to teach me if my father continues to refuse to teach me. He has no one else to take care of my mom and him. Dad has asked strangers to take care of my mom when he dies and they wont care about my mom more than I do and want to take care of both my mom and dad in their last years life together so they can have enjoyable ones.
Dean I got so mad at him I wrote him a email that I am sure was an emotional 2x4 as I told him that I need to learn the family business and I have to get the help of a stranger because my own father refuses to teach me the family business. I told my father, “you told me you would pay for me to go to school to learn a trade well I know what school I want go to and I want to go to real estate school pacifically I want to get into Deans Real Estate Academy.
I told my dad that I do not like the hard cold fax of life but we all must face them no matter how much we don’t want to and one day they will both be gone, I told my dad that I need the family business and I need to learn it so I can take care of you and mom in the lifestyle you are a custom to and I am the one who will be taking care of them. As a stranger will only last as long as the money does but I love them and I will be there if the money should ever run out as I am their daughter and I love them.
Dean for years I have asked God how will I run this family business and not destroy it as dad wants to keep doing it himself. I told my father let me just be an employee and teach me everything you know so that if something happens to you I can take care of mom. After that email I sent him he gave me two books to read one on small claims court and the other one is one I am going to get into as soon as the rehabbing is over, on the real estate housing laws.
Dean I want to get into your academy so badly for so many reasons it really hurts that I am not coming up with the money as quickly as I want to. I almost get it and then something happens and I need to use it. I have not paid my electric bill for a month trying to get the money for the academy.
I have sacrificed many things just so I do not use any money but if I lose my electric and my phone I will not be able to get emails from you anymore or call Customer Service. I might have a job after rehabbing for a month or two at a store and I will only pay the bills I must and then not touch any money until I have the money I was told I needed to get started in the Academy paid for. I know the value of your knowledge and one of your coaches. I am just not there yet with the money but God will make a way when there is no way. How I don’t know I only know that God is faithful and His ways are not our ways.
Dean when I got your first emails and your webinar I went out and did all the things you told us to do and every home I picked as a foreclose a few months later I saw bank owned signs on those houses or Actuation signs on those houses.
I am looking forward to going to an actuation when the rehabbing is over and try what you stated in your book. Getting to know what the buyers at the action want and then see if I can give them a call or an email when I find something that they are looking for. I know I can do this I just need help to get to the next steps.
As I am rehabbing my father’s industrial building I have been listening to one your book on an mp3 player until my cat chewed up the power cord. Now I need some money to get a new power cord. I have also listened to your new book on video Real Estate in your own hometown. Oh Dean that is EXACTLY what I need to know how to run the family business. You talk about how to keep track of rents. I especially like your idea of getting a Christmas gift for your tenets and cards around the holidays. I know you say make a business account and a personal account and only pay your business account 10 % but until my rehabbing and repairing business account is healthy I think I will be putting ½ of the rent into that account to grow the money quickly in case I need a new roof or an air conditioner brakes down. The money would be there to take care of the problems. However after the bank accounts for the rehabbing and the repairs are healthy them I will pay myself more and only put 10% down as you suggested in your book Real Estate In Your Own Hometown.
From the things I have all ready heard in on the auto has calmed my fears of running the family business and I know I can do it and keep my parents in the life stile they have become accustom to. With help from God, You and a mentor I will be able to be that life support my parents will need in the last years of their life and they will not need to go to an old folks home. Thank You Dean you will never know how much this means to me. Please just don’t let me fall through the cracks I really need your help.
Dean this is already 4 pages and I know that you have a lot of other students Magen and your staff would like to put in this book so I will only share 2 more things with you and I will make a book of my own for you for Christmas with everything I have done from day one if I can remember all of it. But Dean I have many dreams and goals now that you have shown me that bright light at the end of the dark financial tunnel. Now I have dreams and goals again. Thank you Dean.
My first real estate deal I would love to make, is to buy the do it center for my church. Dean I don’t know how to do it because I do not have the money to buy it and just give the building to my church as my first fruits to my God, with no profit to me in the process and not every penny will go to me. Everything will go God by giving my church the deed. But I know that God will make a way when there is no way.
With your help and the help of your coaches maybe I can somehow tie up the property in a contract and the church will be able to pay for the property 100%. The problem is that the do it center wants 5million dollars for that property and I don’t think that the church could afford the note on 5 million. The do it center has tried to sell the property for over a year or more with no luck. Now there is a negotiation with the 99 cent store to rent the property. The building is ran down one of the windows is broken. I have been praying for the negations between the do it center and the 99 cent store will fall through as I really want to get that property for my God and my church. Will you help me even if that is the only thing? It is not for me it is for my church family and I would be willing to give you all the credit. As the important thing is not that the pastor sees what I do but God see it and the church has the property to grow as a church body.
My pastor has wanted that property as our church body is growing and there is no more room for chairs. Would you please be in agreement in prayer with me? I just don’t see how it can happen but as the Bible says God will make a way when there no way. Between God, you and your coaches I know we can somehow figure this out and my church will have the property they so desperately need.
There is a property next to my father’s industrial building that dad has wanted for years as our building would be worth a lot more if we had more parking as we only have a totaled of 13 spaces for 4 units. The man who owns it just died and I would love to get that property for my dad as then I would have more money to take care of my parents with.
The third thing I would like to do is move out of this apartment where there are a lot of interesting things going on around here I would really like to get away from. I would really like to find a home a nice neighborhood with a large backyard for my cats to play in and a huge living room and huge kitchen with a middle island so I can have all kinds of church meetings or dinners at my new God given home.
Dean there are only two things stopping me. 1) is getting all the money I need to get started in the academy and 2.) I have an idea of what to do but I don’t totally understand it well enough to take the next steps. But with God’s help, your help and your mentors I know I will be successful one day hopefully soon.
Dean would you and your Christian team member be willing to stand in agreement with me that I will be able to get the money on my own or my dad will pay for my getting into the academy for my birthday? On January 6th I will be 54 and I am going to ask my dad again to send me to your academy. Would you and your Christian staff and dg family stand with me in prayer for this? As in Matthew The Bible if 2 or 3 ask anything in my name I do it as it si pleasing to the father. I don’t know how I am going to do it Dean all I know is that God will make a way when there is no way. All I know is that I need to speak to the mountain and not about the problem. Would you and the other Christians in the dg team and family stand with me and help me to speak to the mountain together? Please help me.
Debra Ann

What do I need to do?

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I though I had filled out my bio . Could you give me instructions on what I need to do.

I keep going to my blogs and was disappointed as I did not see any blogs as I did not know where to go. I am finding my way around this web site. Thanks Debra Ann.

Hi Debbie

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Welcome to DG family.

I put a link here to help you navigate the site.


There are alot of things I

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There are alot of things I am trying to do. Right now I am trying to get a property for my dad as he owns a industrial building and only has 13 parking spots for all 4 units. The property on he ot her side of the building is an empty lot that has just been sting there for years.

I would love to buy that property but I do not even have the money for a down payment or could get credit for a loan. He wants 6000,000.00 for the property where they tried to build a car repair shop but never had the money to do more that put in 3 foundations.

To day as I was at my fathers building the owner of the lot next to my dad's building came up to me and told me that his partner just died and that he needed to sell the property. He is so desperate to sell the property that he is going up and down the block asking every one he sees if they would like to buy his building. I just don't have the money to do that.

I don't completely understand how to tie up the property in a contract but I was even told that it is illegal in the date of California to d that unless you are a broker or an attorney.

Even if I could tie up the property in a contract I do not know where to get the money if that is a property I want to get for my dad.

The wuner stated that he is going to do something with the property and is talking about turning it into a car lot.

Maybe if they remove the foundations and make the property a car lot, then one day when the car lot is gone I could buy the property Then and it would save me the cost of 100,000.00 dollars to take out the foundations and as with a car lot there would already be a parking lot. with at least one office building. Thank you for any suggestions you may have. I do not have good credit and would not be able to qualify for a loan. Is there anything I can do Or just wait?

I saw your comment in Dean's weekly blog - this might help :-)

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Hello Debra Ann,

I saw your comment in Dean's weekly blog at:

I am sorry about your broken leg. I'll pray that you heal very soon!

I saw this post here at that you might find useful in order for you to sell or advertise your properties while you are presently "recovering" from your injury. You can sell your properties online, you pick out from the website resources below Smiling :

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Good luck and stay inspired! Happy Investing!


Here's 2 More Quick Tips

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Debra Ann,

Here's 2 More Quick Tips:

You might want to start a Journal so that your posts could get more feedback. Just a su g g e s tion. Smiling

How To Blog Or Journal

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We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!

Hope that helps! Get well soon!