North Texas Investors

Hey DG Members - Thought I'd create an open group discussion to learn from others about REI in North Texas.
Please offer any insight or suggestions as you see fit.
Looking for a good group of Investors and Team Members that would be willing to assist with deals, bounce ideas off of, and share insight into local REI business partners.

Lets get a Group Started

Let's start a Metro-plex Group. May I suggest some place central to us all. I'm just thinking out loud here,but how about Grapevine Mills Mall (food court)
7PM to 8PM on a week night. We are all rather new at this but I'm sure each of us has something to offer.
Perhaps you have computer skills or I share some contacts or someone else can share thier experience.

Go on the REI Clubs/Groups link and pick 2 people to send an e-mail. Let's stir up some intrest.

The one thing we all learn here is that NOTHING happens if you don't take Action.

Anybody out there?

I am just getting started in this and would really love to talk to other people in the N. TX area doing REI.

I found this group, but don't see any posts, so I'm wondering if any of the 21 members are active.

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