Seller Financing...NEWS

Seller Financing...NEWS

I recently heard on the radio and read either in the paper or article about Seller Financing will be eventually going away. If I can recall it will be towards the end of this year. Too many deals fall through and no one is tied to the property so they walk. Any one else hear anything about this??? I searched a bit, and only found a little. If this was posted, well it was because I was away for a while. What do you think? What have you heard???



nednard3, this was discussed a little in this thread.

I don't think it's seller-financing as a whole. I think it won't be allowed in conjunction with some lender-financing, such as FHA. Which makes finding motivated sellers that ARE willing to owner-finance even sweeter. Also, just think what this will mean for someone willing to OFFER seller-financing. I imagine the buyers would be competing to buy your property. Could be a good thing.



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I wouldn't put too much stock into what's in the news anyway. They're job is to put out headlines that attract readers, whether it's true or not. That's my opinion anyway. Eye-wink


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In Reference to that

I read that the Nehemiah Down payment assistance was going away, and I heard that the Feds were really taking over Fannie May & Freddie Mac......did you guys here about that too.....I heard they still in Bad debt...and the Feds are coming to their rescue.


i dont know about ALL that....

see, this is exactly what i cant stand about "the news", is it really "news" or just jibber jabber crap!, pardon my french, but like E said, the news is far from factual a lot of times, and i dont like having to guess whats true and whats "hype", by the way, i didn't hear nothing about the fed's "taking over" fannie mae and freddie mac, NOT saying it's not true but i doubt it.



I agree too about the media.

I agree too about the media. It is very easy to make a slight twist or tweak to create a panic or to get some attention. I accidently ran into this because I have news added my google bookmarks...saw this. Take it in with a grain of salt...,2933,418081,00.html

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