Hhhhmmmmm.....30 days to real estate cash...

Hhhhmmmmm.....30 days to real estate cash...

I am a member of Insiders Elite. I have read the book (audio) 30 days to real estate cash...I have followed the steps, exactly as they have been described. I have called the Remax Realtors and have spoken with confidence with regards to being a real estate investor. I have no problem with them providing me with properties....as they come on the market, however.....Not one of them.....out of the 22 that I called was willing to email me a list of cash buyers in the last 60 days. Three....hung up on me. Good thing I have a thick skin.

I cannot be the only one that has had this problem....

What's the answer????

Thanks in advance.




Sounds like you just have to stick with it. Or change the approach to get one that works.

Hope that helps.




The book does say cash buyers. But it should say "Cash Solds". Ask for a list of properties that sold for cash in the last 90 or 120 days. When you ask for cash buyers they think your asking for a list of the clients which they will not give out understandably. Call other real estate companies as well. When you get the list you will have to look up each sold property in the tax assessors records and if the tax bill goes to a different address from the subject property then its probably a cash buyer.

If theres a real estate club often referred to as a "REIA" in your town it would be great to join if possible so you can get to know like minded people. you would also be able to locate members of your team realtors, attorneys, title companies, etcetera.

It would be great if you would fill out your bio so we could get to know you better. what state do you live in ? look at some other bio's to get some ideas.


even the big guns get it to.

I have had the same thing happen..You can always get it from the county office as well or pay a kid to do it for u..Keith


Yes Walt is right, you want "Cash Sold's" and then you have the Buyers name and the where and what, that they're buying..


Dan in Seattle..

cash sold

I second that "CASH SOLD" and Keiths right to, more than one way to do this.Jim



Numbers Game

Real estate agents have a strong olfactory system. Once they realize you are playing their game, they will run for the hills. Agents like retail buyers who will make a fair offer on the third house they see. Agents do not want to spend much time with investors who will look at 20 house and then only to low ball on one of them. Commissions are based on the selling amount, the higher the price the higher the commission. Logic tells us that self interest is paramount to all human beings.


P.S. - Everything else is immaterial, irrelevant, and unnecessary.

Hi Karen

I had a hard time at first also with agents so I went with an agent that I know but she was on her way out of being an agent and got another job. They only get paid on sold and they mainly work with people wanting to live in them and, well we all know about the real estate market going on for years, some have had it hard.

Just because they don't do it on a full time basis doesn't mean they cant get the info you ask for, it might take a day but they will do it. Find that hungry agent and you will have an agent on your side.

You can do it


I'm sorry, I meant to say the name Walt!!

I responded to Walt's response to me and I called him Keith by accident. Sorry, am having a rough day..

Thanks Walt!!


but thanks glad i could help... we understand the rough days !!!!

You could ask realtor that ,

You could ask realtor that , I buy homes in cash and wanted to know how much other cash investors are buying in the area. So can you send the listing of homes sold by cash in the last 3 months in the area.

Walt is right

I attended meetings at a club called LIREIA when I was living up there. They were held in the Huntington Hilton on 110 at that time, maybe still...Check it out- meetings are great for networking!


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Yes they still have them
I attended one a couple months ago
And one in the city

Heide D. wrote:
I attended meetings at a club called LIREIA when I was living up there. They were held in the Huntington Hilton on 110 at that time, maybe still...Check it out- meetings are great for networking!


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cash solds

Walt is absolutely right, when I ask for a list of properties that have sold for cash for the last 90 days I say I need it for research purposes to see what other investors are getting prop's for. which is true too I want to see what other buyers are getting their deals for so I can wholesale them their props at the prices they are getting them for, hopefully higher prices & they are speculative buyers Smiling who pay higher.

And yes also second going to REIA's that is how I have gotten most of my buyers in San Diego. Keep at it & good things will happen, don't let a negative experience stop you from living the dream, we just have to go forward & know that Michael Jordan said "I have failed over & over & over & that is why I am so successful!"



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Search the County Real Estate Site

KD -
I found the same issue after reading Dean's book. I found a solution by going to my county's website (google "real estate info," "property values," etc) and see if you can do a property search for owners by name, just type in "LLC" and you should get a ton of names for owners (corporations) who will own anywhere from 2 to 200 properties. Also go to www.totalviewrealestate.com and look at Jeff Jensen's video on "Finding Buyers."


Thomas M.

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