Anyone enroll in the academy who did not get there money back?

Anyone enroll in the academy who did not get there money back?

I'm interested in the academy and I am curious to know if there is anyone that attended Deans Academy and paid but has not been able to get there money back. I'm still a little cautious and skeptical about the price. I am setting myself up right now to do assignments, spending time looking at properties and such. Just wondering who thinks that this Academy is a necessity? Also, are there successful people doing assignments that did not take the course?




I enrolled in the academy on August 2009, I have and still running into hard times but I see light at the end of the tunnel. I was even thinking of terminating my contract but after yesterday that I made contact with two investors, I regained my confidence. I think I will be making my first deal within the next two weeks to a month. You just have to keep on working and not give up. Call your coaches which is something I was not doing and after speaking to a coach, I call once or twice per week. I would suggest that you visit this website often and look at every link you see on the left. By checking this website I found the two investors. I would use this website as much as possible. Just have confidence on yourself and think positive that you will make it and have a better financial future. I wish you the best and gool look on your Real Estate business.



I know of many students that have gone through the course and given it their full effort, done at least 5 deals, and have gotten their full tuition reimbursed, and in return shared their success stories (which are amazing!). I am one of them. I REALLY needed to get that done or my husband would have killed me for talking him into letting me join and put the money on our credit card. LOL But after I got the check from PMI (actually I think it’s Dean that pays it to his students), I actually felt guilty for taking it because I had already made so much more $ than that, and I knew how much time they had into ME. Smiling That is one of the reasons I am so happy to give back now to the scholarship fund.
I am sure there are MANY students that sign up and for one reason or another do not end up doing the 5 deals. I’m not gonna say it’s always for lack of effort, but I’m sure for some that’s true. There are others that do put the time in, but maybe don’t take full advantage of the program. And like Walter said, the tools will be there for you, but YOU have to be the one to be determined, make sure you study, CALL, take action steps. If you do all those things I can guarantee the money will be made back many times over, HOW many is totally up to you. Even if you go past the deadline (which is a year I think) for the refund, the knowledge and skills you obtain is yours forever. So, in my mind, there is nothing to lose. Of course you do NOT have to be a Success Academy student to be successful. Absolutely not. Dean provides everything you would need to be a success in REI in his books and here on the site. The Academy just makes it that much easier and streamlined.
Hope that helped a bit, even though it was a long, roundabout answer to your question. Smiling



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I did the same thing signed up for the Academy didn't really start calling them up until now for advise, But I also found two Investors by just looking on this website. And thanks to the DG website and Family on here it would not have been possible.



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I just spoke with them last friday night. As expected everyone was super polite and helpful in answering all our questions. Like most, money or the lack there of, is an issue in my household. I truely believe in Dean's program and the team he has surrounded himself with. I would suggest that you call and talk to the academy and here what they have to say. As far as the money back after 5 deals. I would take Dean's word for that. Rina point several key points about people entering into the academy...some make it and some don't. If nothing else stick with this site and you'll see the results that other students have and I hope you become as inspired as I have become from the other members. Best of luck on the path you choose!!

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