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Hey Earl!
I am finding GREAT Eco- friendly deals in Detroit (nicer areas) right now! Are you looking for residential homes with renters plentiful? Please PM me if so.
I would love to give you more details.

Much success, Adrian C.


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Thanks for the encouragement I appreciate it. What I've come to realize that haveing people root for you will only get you so far, same with talking and building your knowledge base, ACTION is truth to what someone really believes!

No problem!!

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I root for all the men and women that have served in our armed forces. You all rock to me!! That is why I served in a different way. Have you researched any grants for business that you might be awarded? DOon't know your history BUT you should research that route. There are a lot of homeless vets and there are some that are incarcerated and need to segway back into society. Just a couple ideas. I wish you the best and most success. Welcome to the DG famiy. Ask lots of questions. There are many people her to help out!!

How are you my friend?

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Many blessings and A Happy New Year to you and your blessed family Earl!
I appreciate your comments and I wish you and your darling family a world of success in 2010. Keep up the good work! Your friend david Puzo

Returning the favor

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Hi Earl,

Thought I'd post a greeting in your guestbook like you did mine!

I'm still in East Lansing for now, will probably head back home to the Houston area late Feb, early Mar. Was told that our pipeline proj has to be put on hold for about 3 weeks because of the spring thaw that will occur soon, apparently Michigan DOT doesn't allow heavy equipment to be on the roads during that time so as not to tear up the backroads and what not.
Have you done much dealing here in MI?
I have a an REO to re-hab once I get back home. I'm thinking of trying to Lease/Option it to a buyer once we get the house ready.
Stay in touch, I'm just a PM away, anytime! Take care and much success with your REI!!

Kenney Owens


I just started a week ago and looking for someone in the biz. You have a lot more experience than myself so I would love to get some of your insight as to what my next step should be. I have a journal. I am not very technical so I can only tell you that the site exists on dg.com if you want to read and comment. I want to always be moving further, prayerfully in the right direction. Someone to report to, holding me accountable would be awesome.

Living in Chesterfield

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Looking for someone to mentor me in Michigan. I am just getting into the websight. Would lke to hear from someone in the area practicing some of Deans principles..

I am Eric. Please message me and give me some encouragment!

Thank you!