Starting My Own Real Estate Website For My Business & Getting Buyers ( A Brilliant Way to Get Buyers)

Starting My Own Real Estate Website For My Business & Getting Buyers ( A Brilliant Way to Get Buyers)

Ok I'm starting On My Own RE Website To start Drawing in Buyers to me But I came up with A Very Brilliant way of Communicating with My Buyers & Sellers since I'll Be Out soon Passing out My Flyers & Business Cards to Investors & Buyers .

But On my website I'll be doing Video Blogs & Webcam chats

Since I Have A Webcam on my laptop & A New Flipvideo Cam
I'll be giving my Buyers/Investors A Choice of Doing Online Webcam Chat's , & Webcam Confrence Meetings If they Have a webcam Available Or they can go to A Confrence Lounge That Offers Online webcam Confrence's .

My website will Include

What I Do in Real Estate *
My Expirence In Real Estate & Reading Dean's Books & Course
Video Blogs on my Progress
My Mailing List & Direct Mailing list
Video Confrence Meeting Online every 2 Months For New Investors who want to Do Business with me .

A online Printable Business Card PDF For others to Print out & keep or Pass along .

& More

I'll Later Create My Own Real Estate Magazine & Newsletters for my Buyers & Investors .

I'm taking this Slowly with My Website & Flyers & Business Cards


Maybe I Need to Get out & Do

Maybe I Need to Get out & Do something ....... Cause just setting here on my Laptop is not Working at least not for now .

Profit from real estate right now

That's a great idea to have your website but I would recommend getting Dean's book Profit From Real Estate Right Now because he gives you a website but you just have to get the book, read it, and find out how to get a few website. Members on this site can not openly give out that information but he literally gives you a FREE website, yes FREE. Give that some thought because you'll be able to more of what you want to do which is sell properties for added income.


Gary Rabatin
Certified Cash Flow Consultant
Founder & President of Gold Bar Funding Group L.L.C.
Private Real Estate Investor
"Building Wealth by the Numbers"


I agree with Gary that reading the books is the first thing you should do if you haven't already. You have to go out and find your deals, nobody will bring them to you and dump them in your lap. Your idea is a good one but, you need to do some leg work first. I think this Web site you have will come in very useful down the road for you....Jan

Kanz, Fist thing you need to


Fist thing you need to do is, and yes what you thought of is a great idea, is to go out and meet people. People that can actually bring you money.

I'm sure you have alot of friends and acquaintances, but if you're goig to have a chat line and webcam and not benefit from it, whats the point???

Not sure your schedule and time availability, but you may want to look for networking events to attend. I cannot stress how much it does for you to be in front of people speaking about RE, with people who are vets and rookies, everyone on the same page. I think one or two events for you would do wonders and that can make you see that what you want is attainable

Follow advise of the Vets...

I agree with what all have said.Great idea, just some other things to do FIRST!
Getting in front of people is very good for future business, I'm in the process of that as we speak!

Great stuff.

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