POF Letter without LLC

POF Letter without LLC

DG Fam,

Do these funding websites, i.e. bestransactionalfunding and reifunding.com give you a POF letter without having your LLC yet? I am still waiting for my LLC to come through but they ask for company name. Besttransactionalfunding.com even states it won't give to individuals, only companies. If there is a way around that, please let me know.




Best will give POFs to you in your own name. This is copied from their POF page on their website. Where it has the "contact us" in the second paragraph, you click on the contact us. However, they will not LEND the funding to a personal name--only a business entity.

"Proof of Funds or Verification of Deposit

About Our Products

Our "Proof of Funds" (POF) and Verification of Deposit (VOD) letters are services that you may use for your convenience. We only fund business entities such as Companies/LLCs/Trusts/Inc vs. the funding being in the person's name (i.e., John Smith) regardless of the POF or VOD letter type you choose to produce.

If you want to learn how our clients have used their own name while doing the deal within their company, please contact us."



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Quick tip

I just got my LLC myself recently but Ive been using POF letters for 3 years now. This is how, where it says companies name you simply hit the space tab a couple of times and leave it blank. Fill in the rest of the boxes and you should be fine. I never had a problem with any agent in the past or recently with my POF letter.


Reynold Orozco

POF letter without LLC

Thanks for your response guys! You help me so much on this journey.


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