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Reynold Orozco
Waterbury, Connecticut
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Real Estate Investor/Wholesaler throughout Connecticut
I find really good deals in CT.

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Maybe you can help me understand something

First off thank u for your response to the question of owner owing more than the house is worth. I have a different question. If one wants to assign a pre foreclosure property and not use any of their own money, how is this possible when the home needs to be analyzed properly? If the investor isn't knowledgeable about repairs then how can he or she determine the value of the home and get it to make sense to the buyer he wants to assign the deal to? I hope I'm making sense with this question. Thanks

getting started

Hi how are you my name is Reginald Ball I leave in the Atlanta Ga area and looking to get into the birddog investment you have any info and advice on how to get started.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Reginald Ball

Investing in Waterbury

Hi Ray,
My wife and I are working together on wholesaling in the greater New Haven area.We live in East Haven.
We have so far stayed away from Waterbury but I see there are many properties there selling at very low prices.
I haven't found any rehabber's who work in Waterbury do you know any?
Would love to work with you.
Best regards
Tom Sharp

Investing in Waterbury

Good day man i live Waterbury also and i wanted t get some tips on the market here and i'm glad that i came across someone who is currently active in this area, so if you don't mind could i summit questions i have and hopefully you can help.

Thanks for your info on double closing.

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I needed this info
DG family
God bless you always.

Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.

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Lets get this party started rite.
Money never sleeps.

Thats what the DG family is for

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No problem, your welcome

Just seen this now

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I'm sorry I just seen your post on my guest book now. If your still need some info on waterbury send me a Private message.

great news on the interns

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Thanks i needed that.

Check out my website


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Cheers to your continued success in real estate. I am well on my way to becoming a full- time real estate investor.
Connecticut seems to be working very well for your real estate goals. If and when you decide to invest in the mid-Atlantic states send me a private message if you would like to network. This is an invitation.
Cheers to Real Estate Investing.
Freedom Seeker,

Hello Reynold

I just wanted to stop by on your page to show some love. Let me know if you have any deal in Miami. I have big time buyers in this area.

Good luck in your investing!


thanks for commenting on my post. i wish ya a gr8 2015 man