Sign name or company name on purchase agreement???

Sign name or company name on purchase agreement???

DG Fam,

Ok, I finally got my LLC a couple days ago and a purchase agreement to work with. My question is I know I put the company name at the top where buyer is but when I sign the contract, do I put the company name or my personal signature? Just want to be sure... I have a potential motivated seller with 2 homes to see tomorrow and I want to be ready. Still trying to get my first deal....



are you

president, ceo, vp, managing member, etc.?

If so, just sign your name


Mike Free tools

company name

and then sign your name as the managing member, or whatever your title is for the LLC.

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just sign with your personal name, the title you have is put too or not but usually they the agent will put it there or you would if a fsbo.

congrats on your llc.



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