i need some help

i need some help

i am going to qualify an investor tomorrow he says he pays a bird dog fee of 1000.00 but i dont know how to go about getting paid once i get him what hes looking for can someone tell me how this works i know that assignment of contracts are different so how do i get paid and dont get him his property and i get stiffed. does anyone know how to do this


Bird dog fee

The contract that you would need is a non-circumvent agreement between you and the investor. This agreement will state that the investor agrees not to go around you in the purchase of this property that you have provided the information on and done all the work on. And if he does decide to go around you and purchase the property, he must pay the amount that was agreed upon as your fee.

I hope that this information is helpful!


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try this, you can tweek it to your liking.


Thank you for posting your bird dog contract. I was going to ask for one and came here and here it was.

It never ceases to amaze me what the people on the DG website do to help each other.

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