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Denny & Lea
Port St Lucie,Florida
Helping people,sports,pets,real estate & being self employed

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My Pets Are My Kids
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Hey! Welcome to DG's site!

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Hey! Welcome to DG's site!

Thank You

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Thank you Grace.


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Welcome to the DG website family. We look forward to hearing about your progress and future deals. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Law of attraction

Hi Denny

I just read your post on "What a life."
Sorry about the past year you had. I too have had a bad year and am continuing to have it now. Trying to change my thinking but it's hard when you are losing your home. I want to start investing but due to my financial and living status (don't know where I will be living in the next month or so, trying to work it out that I can get enough money out of the sale (have to ) of my house after paying off the mortgage and credit cards, and getting a used car, to get a place where I can keep my cat (had him for 14 years now and he's my child too) I can't start investing cause I will have to shut my internet service down till I find a place to go and cant very well be in the middle of starting investing when I dont know where I will live. My point to contacting you is I saw that you speak of the law of attraction, did you read the book or see the movie the Secret? I did both but its soo hard to put into practice when things are going so bad. I am a Real Estate Appraiser who has been out of work for over a year now, got a 10 an hour job in a store in Nov 2008 lost that July 2009 and am now having to sell my house cause I cant find anything but a 10 an hour part time (3-20 hours a week ) and collecting unemployment- 177 per week.
Has the Secret worked for you and how did you employ it when you were going through so much heart ache?
Please let me know OK?
Also welcome to the DG family,I hope things in investing turn out well for you

Hi Indiana Joe,

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Thank you for your welcoming words. I enjoy reading your posts as well as everyone elses. There are so many people here who are willing to help each other.

Wishing you the very best in all that you do.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

p.s. Sorry for the delay in responding to you I'm still getting the hang of checking PM's.

Things WILL workout for you- But you have to BELIEVE it

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Hi suesue,

I'm really sorry for your situation and though you're going thru a rough time there's light at the end of the tunnel but you just can't see it.

What I think you should do is develop a different mindset- a different way of looking at things does
amazing things to your psyche which in turn forces your brain to find new ways to come up with a soultion. When I do that, it usually comes to me when I'm in that wake up mode when I'm getting up in the morning. I'm going to give you an easy lesson in
quantum physics now and I hope this helps. Please keep an open mind and try to believe me...I really am sane!!

First,notice how awake you feel right now. Your brain
is in what scientists call the beta frequency. Now just close your eyes for about 30 seconds. Did you notice a slight shift in your awakeness level? You should be noticing the beginning stages of the alpha state. When one closes their eyes and goes to sleep they go thru beta, alpha,theta, then delta states. If you want sometime, google "brain wave" and you'll see
actual documentation.

Now, without getting technical at this point, and if you actually believe this (I hope), you've actually tricked your brain by actually altering it's energy

So by (this is oversimplified info by the way)shifting
the way you think DIFFERENTLY about a situation will trick your brain to find a solution. Then you'll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That's the basics of
The Law of Attraction. You don't wish for things to happen,as The Secret leads you to believe, you have to
MAKE it happen.

Bill Harris(I am a huge fan)and Joe Vitale of the secret
have created deeper levels of understanding this. I'm sure you can google alot of this info yourself but just keep your B.S. radar on.

I've actually been doing the law of attraction since I
was about 10 but didn't even realize it. Call it luck,
blind faith, or whatever but it's gotten me out of some tough situations in the past. Its so simple in a deep kind of way.

I noticed you are from Connecticut. Lea,my wife was born & raised in Stamford & talked me into moving there in 1986. Ten years later we moved to Florida to get our sanity back. I would much rather deal with the
hurricanes than live in a suburb of NYC!!! Beautiful state though.

Hope I offered a ray of hope for you but thou its hard right now for you,you'll pull through these testing times. Like Indiana Joe always says,BELIEVE & ACHIEVE.

Stay strong above it all and you'll be fine. Now start
a new mindset and run with it.

Best wishes,

new mindset

Hi Denny

Thanks for the info, I will certainly put it into practice and get my head out of the sand (poor poor me) you know!
I just got a chance at a $20 per hour job that I applied for a month ago and gave up on (hadnt heard a word)I got a letter from them directing me to take a test (ooh boy dont like tests) to see if I can further qualify for the job. wish me luck! I take it Sept 12th.
I will have to believe I will pass the test and get the job, and altough I think it might be too late to save the house at least $20 per hour is something good to live on (better than part time $10 per hour) and I will then find a place go live (with my cat) and then pursue the REI for a living. Maybe even get a better house in the future.
Thanks again



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Good for you,it looks like things are looking up.

Just got a link e-mailed to me from Tony Robbins you might like. I just listened to his free gift and thought this would be helpful maybe. Its 45 min. long so enjoy when you have time.

Have a great day,

OOPs, forgot the link

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Alzheimers does run in my family!!!LOL


Hi Denny

I tried the money masters site but it couldnt be found. maybe I typed it in wrong, but could you give that to me again please?
I just put in a job application today for a second $20 per hour job, pray for me.
How's everything there? Are you having success with REI yet? I hope all's well with you and yours
Thanks again


Fellow Floridians

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Lea & Denny,

I just saw that you are from Port St. Lucie! My husband and I lived in Royal Palm Beach...that's were we met, at a shelter during Hurricane Francis! We moved from there 3 years ago but we miss the area for a lot of reasons. Anyway, I'll be sure to follow your progress. I know there's a lot of opportunity in your area!



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Just wanted to say hello

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Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. I say that you were on line. I am new to real estate investing and I'm trying to find out more about it. I hope that everything is working well for you and I look forward to your reply.

Aloha & Mahalo!

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Welcome to the DG family.
May you have Great Success in your Journey!


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Savedras, I don't know of any banks in CA but wish you the best.

brandon2010, Thank you for stopping by to say hello. I wish you great success in REI!

JJD, Thank you for your well wishes, much appreciated and right back at you.

I rarely ever come to my account and didn't realize anyone had posted on here. So for those of you that posted a long time ago please forgive the delay.

Warm Regards,


Business Name

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I saw your posts on another user's page and wanted to ask if I could use a variation of your business name? JG Property Solutions LLC sounded good to me.

Let me know...



Owner Financing

Do you know of sellers who offered seller financing and would be interested in selling their notes? I have private investors who aar looking to purchase secured real estate notes. I offer a referal fee for every note that closes. Send me a PM messag. I look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business.


Ready to close the Deal!!!!

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I have read all about you lift my pride the become the best in this investor business.

Problem #1: I have a Buyers that just today have been approved by the bank. Problem is that the house he wants is listed by a real estate agent.

How can i close this deal and still come out on top?

Which form do i use between me and the agent?

FL Mobile Home Park

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Hi Denny & Lea,
Would you, or someone you know, be interested in a FL Mobile Home Park (pocket listing) that offers 91 MH sites, 36 RV sites, 16 rental cabins, multiple income streams: boat launch, laundry, liquor, food, boat rentals, etc.. If so, the purchase price is $2,600,000. Market value is $3,500,000+/-. Net Annual cashflow is $575,913.60. A financial spreadsheet is available upon request.
This won't last long, so let me know ASAP.